10 Best DIY Themed Tumblr Blogs

23rd January 2018 posted in Hunters News

10 Best DIY Themed Tumblr Blogs


Tumblr is a place where anything goes, and accordingly, there are some eminently creative DIY blogs on there. DIY in this sense covers everything from the traditionally  British sense of the word – that is putting up shelves and hanging wallpaper – to a crafty concept of making yourself the things that you would otherwise buy, or not be able to afford. It’s also a haven for some rather impressive furniture hacks, Ikea and otherwise. So here goes with my top 10 favourites.


1. This Old House

This Old House has lots of actionable tips for things like decorating with found leaves, and remedying minor DIY disaster


Source: http://officialthisoldhouse.tumblr.com/


2. Make Your Own Sh*t.

Everything from vintage suitcase telephone tables to homemade dishwasher detergent.


Image source: http://whynotjustdiy.tumblr.com/page/2


3. Handywoman

Pick up some specialist tips from Handywoman as she repairs and restores the kinds of original features you might find in older houses.


4. Sablue Crafts

These crafts are a cut above – learn how to make everything from a glow-in-the-dark driveway to elevated strawberry growing boxes. There are some mouthwatering recipes on this blog, too.


Image source: http://sabluecrafts.tumblr.com/


5. Pumpkin Head

An entertaining blog featuring memes interspersed with truly unheard-of DIY projects like arm-knitting. Also shows you how to make a shoe rack from plastic crates, and how to use sticky hooks to organise your saucepan cupboard.


6. With Love

Showing you how to make life that bit prettier, With Love includes tutorials on how to create things like upcycled wastepaper baskets and patchwork shower curtains.


7. The A-Z of Sara

Those little things that lift a room from everyday to extraordinary. Sara makes useful and decorative additions like duo-chrome key holders and wood-mounted vases.


8. Scissors and Thread

Not just a sewing blog. Scissors and Thread features how-tos on remodelled dressers and wooden jewellery. This blog has practicality in mind – they focus on things that are cheaper to upcycle or remodel than they are to buy new.


9. Peony Woodworks

This blog has the best strapline:  ‘Custom hand made furniture and other gentlemanly products.’ Features lots of close-up details of the furniture-making process, which is sure to delight any woodworking enthusiast.

Source: http://www.peonywoodworks.com/

10.  Missellenaeous

Unpronounceable name; great blog. Missellenaeous blogs about her arty home and garden, and even makes some of those Pinterest DIY projects that the rest of us probably just drool over and file for a later date. Check out this very practical crate coffee table.
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