10 Best Ikea Hacks on Pinterest

8th February 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

10 Best Ikea Hacks on Pinterest

Ikea hacks –personalised versions of affordable favourites from a well-known Swedish furniture store. Sometimes the hacks are decorative, while sometimes make the original design more functional or sturdy. Being an eminently crafty corner of the web, Pinterest is just the place to find the most innovative Ikea hacks. Let’s take a look at my top 10:

1. Tradig Chandelier

This hack turns a wire fruit bowl into a very-cool-indeed light fixture. Will cast dramatic shadows, and you can spray it any colour you fancy.

Source: ikeahackers.net via La on Pinterest


2. Blackboard Painted Table

This hack involves a table covered in blackboard paint, with chalk pots attached. It makes the ideal children’s drawing table.

Source: diy4us.blogspot.com via Kay on Pinterest


3. Knuff Transformable Coffee Table

A mini coffee table that’s perfect for small spaces. It adapts into multiple shapes and includes storage. What’s not to like?

Source: ikeahackers.net via Nicki on Pinterest



4. Plastic bag holder for kitchen roll.

A simple, clever and eminently handy idea.

Source: chezlarsson.com via Tânia on Pinterest



5. Expedit shelves as cat housing

When I say cat house, I do actually mean the feline variety. Cats love small spaces and are naturally drawn to occupy shelves, so why not indulge them and give them a dedicated shelf?

Source: ikeahackers.net via Melissa on Pinterest



6. Gosig Baskets as kitty hideaway

Kitty hideaway dens are all the rage but they’re often pricey. You can make an economical version from two Gosig baskets stitched together.

Source: moderncat.net via Yvonne on Pinterest



7. Lightbox from LED string lights

Crafty types, artists and designers can make a handy lightbox – useful for tracing – from some Ikea string lights and a sheet of Perspex.

Source: manmadediy.com via Vicki on Pinterest



8. Spa bath mat from decking

A wooden, spa-style bath mat is a zillion times nicer than a soggy fabric one. Its easy to make from Ikea decking pieces, that you can buy in small packs of 20.

Source: houseofhepworths.com via Lizzie on Pinterest



9. Lantern to cordless LED light

This is the popular Ikea tea light lantern, upgraded to a shiny, battery-operated LED one. It does require a bit of tinkering with drills and what not, but the instructions are comprehensive.

Source: thediyvillage.com via Jacque on Pinterest



10.  Lack table to Lego table!

I think this is my favourite Ikea hack on Pinterest. The link to the original article and instructions are actually missing, but it’s not difficult to see how to make this amazing hack. It’s the ubiquitous Lack side table, with a layer of Lego matting glued to the top. Then all you need is Lego to begin building the constructions of your dreams. The ceiling’s the limit.

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