10 Reassuringly Expensive Christmas Crackers

14th December 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

10 Reassuringly Expensive Christmas Crackers

What recession?

10. The National Gallery English Country Life Christmas Crackers - £36 for 10

These are so beautifully printed that, although they’re a luxury, they do not seem at all overpriced. They contain some lovely gifts, too. 

9. Thornback & Peel Patridge & Pear Christmas Crackers - £55 for 6

The print on these is adorable and I love the plum and olive-green colour combo.
Each contains a luxury hankie – a good choice of surprise gift that will appeal to most cracker-pullers.

8. Tatty Devine Deluxe Crackers - £75 for 6

Wow! I love these. But the designs on the outside make them too beautiful to pull- especially the moustache. And who, exactly, would be awarded the red cracker with the crown? Anyway, if you could bring yourself to rip these in two, they contain not the usual trinkets, but rather the ingredients and tools to handmake your own Tatty Devine jewellery.


7. Aspinal of London Luxury Christmas Crackers - £150 for 6

These ‘sport luxe’ crackers contain posh versions of the usual cracker contents, including croc-covered tape measures.

6. Jo Malone Christmas Cracker - £30 each

This super-stylish box-shaped cracker contains Jo Malone beauty products and its design boasts more than a hint of the vintage Chanel look.  Would make an ideal gift for any fashionista.

5. Asprey Christmas Cracker – £185 each

The Asprey Cracker doesn’t include all the items in the picture – rather you pick one sterling silver trinket in advance to be contained in your luxury cracker. Though some of the crackers on this list are a bit OTT for pulling around the table at Christmas dinner, the Asprey Cracker would actually make a lovely gift and in that context seems reasonably priced.

4.  Selfridges Luxury Gold Crackers - £255 for 6

These kings of bling contain “witty riddles.”

3. Harrods Traditional Berries Luxury Christmas Crackers - £299 for 6

These handmade crackers contain “handmade bespoke headgear, humour and trivia booklet.” That’s a party crown and some bad jokes, then.

2. Fortnum and Mason Silent Night Crackers - £1000 for 6

According to Fortnum’s, these are the finest crackers that money can buy. They come in a fetching wooden presentation box.

1. Tiffany & Co's Christmas Cracker - £180,000

Probably the world’s most expensive Christmas cracker, this little number will set you back more than a 3-bedroom house in some areas, and includes a selection of diamond jewellery.


Written by Penny Tristram