4 Impressive Home Transformations

3rd July 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

We all have our own interests and unique styles, but how much do we actually represent this when buying our homes? Throughout the world there are an abundance of incredible homes, but some would say the most impressive are the spectacular transformations that homeowners have made to create the house of their dreams. Having a keen eye for potential and a creative mindset have pushed some of these homeowners to produce something amazing. From quirky ranch extensions to church conversions, we take a look at 4 examples of incredible home transformations:


4. Old School Ranch Makeover


With their love of all things retro, the two homeowners of this ranch in Arizona took on the task of transforming an old school ranch into a quirky 1960s themed home, with a slightly more modernised approach.

Back Garden Before & After



Image Source: Sunset.com


Once an ignored backyard, Matthew spent time investing in new window fittings and more modern aesthetics, in order to turn it into something incredible.


Kitchen Before & After

Image Source: Sunset.com

On a tight budget, Matthew and Jennifer Hibbard undertook most of the work themselves, spending hours re-flooring, tiling and working on their fixtures. Once a kitchen that lacked style, the room has now been transformed into a sleek, spacious and lavish kitchen space.  

The Den

Image Source: Sunset.com

The best aspect of this house is the modern looking den that Matthew and Jennifer created. Stating that they had the occasional splurge of cash, the pair spent $995 on just two bubble chairs, but they are a great addition.

3. Church Conversion


Previously a former Howard Park Methodist Church, this 1910 landmark was constructed to serve as a religious holding. In 1925 it was converted into a united church and in 1970 an evangelical church, however the structure stayed the same. Finally in 2008, the church was for the last time transformed into an incredible residential home. Due to some structural complications, minor adjustments to the building’s inner structure had to be made, but the exterior of the church remained solid and as amazing as ever.

Image Source: Homedit.com

Built within the bell tower, the modernised church now boasts an impressive 2,700 sq ft, four story penthouse, including a total of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a media room and an incredible 550 sq ft roof terrace.

2. Major Exterior Transformation


This home was once a lost cause, offering a mixture of doom and gloom, as well as throwing in some overgrown bushes and a poorly structured entrance. After undergoing much planning, the poorly built porch was demolished, making room for the asian heritage inspired, traditional arts entrance.

The overgrown shrubbery and unwanted trees were taken down to enable the front yard to be raised, allowing the sleek pavement approach to be adopted. The additional front house features, such as the planted bushes, wooden posts,uniquely shaped roofing and the modern lighting all add significant furnishings to the exterior aesthetics to make this a truly beautiful home.

Exterior Before & After

Image Source: Bhg.com


1. Renovation of an Old New York House


New parents Lisa and Mark Hellman showed pure guts and enthusiasm when taking on this 106 year old New York home. Situated in Jeffersonville on what once was a chicken farm, the tattered and weak structured house had been abandoned for over 20 years. As well as this, the building had been previously converted into 6 apartments, meaning some serious time, effort and budget was needed to enable a full refurbishment.

Image Source: countryliving.com

Hard work and dedication was desperately required, alongside a clear focus and strategy on how to rescue this home. When work began, Lisa and Mark discovered clapboard in a strong condition, and so painted it flat white and used it for the exterior. The pair also had the full roof replaced, as well as 57 windows! The once diabolical kitchen was split from the side entrance, creating space for a large viking stove, set against a slate-tile backsplash. Find out more about the renovation of this house here.

How would you renovate a house? What would you include? Are there any specific buildings you would love to transform into a lavish living area? Let us know in the comments below.


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