Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Spring Make Over

18th February 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Spring Make Over

With spring just around the corner, its time to give your home a little make over, ready for the warmer months ahead. It doesn't have to take you weeks, some things you can do when you have a few hours at the weekend and sometimes the small things can really make a big difference.

Not everyone can afford to completely revamp their house from top to bottom, but we've got some quick and easy ways to add a little extra something to your interior without taking up all your time or breaking the bank:

Material Make Over

One of the best ways to make over your home without too much effort is simply to change the material decorations in your home. Throw out those old faded curtains hanging up in every room and replace them with new vibrant fabrics.

Another way to use materials is by incorporating them into your larger items of furniture. If you have a couple of dreary looking sofas, don't think about throwing them out, just wash your sofa covers or even buy a throw to go over the top – this will create an instant transformation.

Paint Your Walls

Paint is fantastic when you are looking for a quick transformation. Supermarket own brand paints don't cost too much and you can buy them at your local store. Make sure you check which paints you will need for rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom though as they can be prone to build ups of grease and mould.

Choose a fresh new colour to paint your walls with and if you don't have much time on your hands you could even just choose one wall in a room. Just adding a bright new colour will make a world of difference and make your home feel completely different.


A very simple and straight forward way to jazz up your home is simply by buying a few accessories to put around your home. The easiest way to make a bedroom or living room feel new and cosy is with a few cushions scattered around the room. Choose bright and fluffy cushions and they will instantly brighten up the room and make the whole house feel snug and homely.

For the kitchen and dining room, the addition of a nice new table cloth or set of place mats can bring a whole new feel to your room without costing too much or taking up any time. For your bathroom, just restocking your toiletries and towel cupboards will make the whole room feel new every time you go in.


In a house, lighting can make a huge difference to how a room appears and feels. By brightening up a room in the morning, it can make you feel wide awake and ready for the day ahead. In the evening its nice to be able to wind down and keep your lighting low, preparing your mind for a good night's sleep.

Spotlights are a great way to brighten up a bathroom and kitchen, they can be designed so they light in sections, meaning you only need to light up the area you are using. For a sitting room and bedroom, dimmer switches can make a huge difference, or if you find it easier, just placing a few lamps around a room can work really well when you don't want to turn on the main ceiling light.

Giving your house a spring make over doesn't need to be hard or expensive, there are some great ways to transform your home that can be fun and easy too!