5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Cleaner Than it is

26th January 2015 posted in Home Lifestyle

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Cleaner Than it is

We’ve all been there, when someone knocks on the doors or rings to let you know they will be dropping by in the next hour or so and you haven’t tidied the house.

It can be a fearful moment when you know someone will be arriving at any minute and all you can do is worry about how much washing up has been left on the side or how many wet clothes you have left drying in the hall way.

Not to fear though, here are some easy ways you can make your house look cleaner than it is:

Work on the 2 Ts

The first place to start is with your toilets and tabletops. If you have a very limited amount of time to clean your house, then you want to make sure any grime visible in your toilet or on your kitchen table has gone.

Dust them, wipe them and spray them with a nice smelling cleaning product – you don’t want to offer your guest a cup of coffee only for them to struggle to make space at your kitchen table.

Start at the Door

You’re unlikely to have time to clean your whole house from top to bottom, so focus on the areas your guest will see. Start at the front door and hoover the floor in the direction they will be walking.

Work on a system that takes you through the hallway, into the room they will be entering and of course don’t forget the bathroom. Focus your efforts on any clutter that will be seen and spend the small amount of time you have on areas that matter the most.

Buff the Bathroom

Your guest will almost definitely want to use the bathroom at some point, so try and get it looking as nice as possible in the limited time you have. If you have already done the toilet as part of your “2 Ts”, then work on the rest of the room.

Close all the drawers and cabinets, pull the shower curtain across, and move any wet towels you may have hanging around. Use a cloth to clean the mirror and give the sink a quick wipe if it needs it.


If your house is covered in clutter and there is barely anywhere to sit down, try and put any visible clothing into a laundry basket, hang up coats and put shoes in a neat line near the front door.

Put any books and magazines into neat piles, and put any washing up straight in the dishwasher, ready to be done. As long as your clutter looks organised, it will make your house look much more tidy.

Bright and Breezy

The lighting you use can make a world of difference to your home. If it’s warm enough outside open some windows to let a bit of fresh air in and allow the sun to lighten up your rooms.

If it’s cold and dark, turn off your overhead lights and opt for corner lamps and candles. Scented candles will also make your home smell nice, but if you need a bit more of a kick, opt for a couple of air fresheners in each room.

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