5 of the Quirkiest Designs for Tiny Houses

13th October 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

We have all dealt with our fair share of small spaces in life, especially those who have either travelled, or lived in city centre accommodation. When it comes to making the most out of a smaller than average house layout, space can be very much of an issue. Using quirky ideas may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it certainly can help maximise the amount of space within your home.

If you are currently in the process of buying a space-restricted home, or if you are just in need of some good ideas to maximise your current house space, take a look at these 5 homes we have listed and see if you can take any inspiration from them:

The Living Cube


Image Source: enopundit.com

The Living Cube was first created by designer Till Ewert Koenneker, after he had experience living in a small apartment and finally decided enough was enough. The living cube was designed to offer the user a bedroom in a box. The design incorporates a good sized bed on top, a rack on the right hand side for coats, and a space for a television, books and other storage adjacent to the closet.

Another amazing feature that you can’t quite make out in this picture is the walk-in closet that runs throughout the whole inside of the box. When you open the door next to the ladder, the whole of the interior is hollowed out, providing a great space for your belongings.

Suspended Bedroom


Image Source: Epundit.com

We may all think that we make the most of the space in our homes, but has anyone ever considered air space? This London homeowner was stuck with the decision of either living with a sofa bed, or investing in new ways to make room in his small flat.

With this challenge and his creative mind-set, the homeowner decided to make the most of the tall building structure by hanging a suspended bed from the ceiling. Not only did he build the bed, but he also built a skylight staircase that led up to a rooftop terrace!

Puzzle Loft


This New York based apartment is literally only 50 feet long by 12 feet wide. When stumbling across this property, architect Choon Choi decided he had a vision for maximising the space and creating a cosy little home.

Choi’s creative mind brought about the Puzzle. This clever design meant everything one would need within a bedroom could be allocated into a well-designed and thought out puzzle like feature, making use of both floor space as well as air space. This design incorporates a slide open wardrobe, a bed located on the top of the structure, and a kitchen underneath with room to walk about in.

Garden Pavillion


Imouge Source: Dwell.com

The Zimmerman Family moved to the Seattle area in the late 1990s and bought a 1,100 square foot property that was built around the 1920s. This property wasn’t very big, leaving them stuck for ideas on how to maximise the space they had. With the help of Gary Schoemaker, the family turned this unutilised 1920s home into a creative, and now spacious, living area. 

Their vision saw the build of an extra living space above the existing living area, including seating, storage as well as somewhere to sleep. The house is also fully optimised to be eco-friendly, including features such as warmboard radiant subfloor, dual flush toilets and reclaimed wood used for their rafters.



Image Source: protohaus.com

The ProtoHaus is a small dwelling comprising of around 125 feet of space. This timber frame built home was constructed in 2009 with the emphasis on sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. The make-up of the house is primarily made using recycled materials and reclaimed furniture.

As you can see, the house is built over two levels, with the top containing a double bed, fitted with 4 windows and a bar to pull yourself up on. The main floor has every feature a house requires, including a fully fitted kitchen, toilet, shower, lounge area and even space to eat your dinner. All of this within 125 square feet - impressive. 

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