5 Quick Ways to a Gorgeous Garden

6th July 2012 posted in Home Lifestyle

5 Quick Ways to a Gorgeous Garden


Not everyone has time to get really into gardening, and if we’re not careful, the garden can become a neglected repository for junk and weeds. With careful plant choices and a few bold visual accents, it’s possible to cultivate a gorgeous garden in a minimum of time.

Choose Hardy, Disease-Resistant and Frost-Resistant Plants

I’d rather not be digging, potting and replanting every winter and spring, and for that matter I don't actually have a greenhouse, so I stick to those “hardy” plants that can be left out over winter.  This will vary somewhat depending upon your location, but there are zillions safe bets for much of the UK in many types and varieties – just look at this long list of hardy fuchsias for a start. Plants that will survive the winter vary from place to place, so the key is to ask at you local garden centre, who will be familiar with the local soil and climate.

Tough herbs like rosemary, and brassicas like perennial kale, require very little tending, and of course as a bonus you get delicious fresh leaves to use in your cooking.

Make a Beer Trap for Slugs

My garden, and in fact my life, was transformed when I discovered the beer trap for slugs. So much more effective than slug pellets, and environmentally and pet friendly to boot, the slug trap will save plants from destruction in even the most infested of gardens. Simply fill a small bowl with cheap beer and sink it into the soil. Slugs will be enticed from far and wide and will die a happy death, drowning in beer.

Prune for Plentiful Plants

A quick prune around will encourage plants to grow more shoots and blossoms. Spring flowering plants should be pruned after they’ve finished flowering, but summer blooming shrubs and trees can be cut back in early spring.

Bursts of Colour

Garden centres often promote well-established, seasonal plants that provide a dramatic and vivid burst of colour. These can be a great addition to your garden, but make sure they are hardy varieties that won’t fade away with the winter frost. Bright colours on feature walls are an easy way to transform a garden, and of course they require very little maintenance after you’ve made the initial time investment.

Decorative Lighting

Lighting in the garden really looks magical, and with modern solar lighting it’s affordable and easy to set up. Use them to highlight plants and to mark out pathways. It’s important to locate the solar panels where they will get plenty of direct light during the day.

So, if your garden’s looking a bit bleak and dejected, don’t despair, as with these quick tips you can transform it into an enticing space in no time, and they’ll help you maintain your fabulous garden for years to come.