5 Ways To Safety Prep Your House for Halloween

22nd September 2015 posted in Sellers

5 Ways To Safety Prep Your House for Halloween


With Halloween fast approaching, it’s about time you started making your plans and figuring out how to best spend the night! Whether you are planning a huge blow out, having a quiet night in with the partner, or even taking your little ones trick or treating. Whichever of the above you are planning, it is important you take suitable precautions as not to end up with a stacked up repairing cost due to silly damages or injured persons.

Halloween is a night of fun and thrill, and can see a great deal of individuals come knocking to your door, children and adults alike, so just to be safe, follow these 5 safety precautions before enjoying the festivities.

1: Avoid Using Candles

Whilst carved pumpkins and candles are the more traditional Halloween decoration, having a constantly lit candle just outside your home can be a huge hazard, therefore we would highly recommend not using any form of candle as decoration. Instead, choose battery powered LED lights to place inside decorations, they give off the exact same effect, without the chance of setting the house on fire. You can also get LED lights that mimic the flickering effect of a flame, so you aren’t missing out on any of the more traditional decor of Halloween.

2: Consider Choice of Treats

If you are planning on staying in and waiting eagerly at the door to give out some sweets to trick or treaters, then, as silly as it sounds, you need to consider the health implications of certain sweets for some children. For instance, avoid using any sweet that has a high nut content. Nut allergies are more common than you think, especially among children, therefore only choose sweets that are highly known as being safe to eat by all, and don’t give out too much, the last thing you want is a group of children being sick on your freshly laid patio!

3: Make room in your garage

Even though 90% of the population set out to enjoy the festivities of Halloween in a nice manner, it is a holiday well known for mischief, especially within younger, impressionable teenagers. It is important, then, that you clear any valuable ornaments, furniture, vehicles or pricey items to a safer and more secure location, such as the garage. If this means having a large clear out a few days before the night, it is well worth it to keep all of your items safe, after all, there will be a great deal of people walking through your garden.

4: Light up The Exterior

Whilst a dimly lit exterior may add to the overall spooky atmosphere of Halloween, it also highly increases the chances of injury on your property. Make sure that all of your exterior lights are switched on, and if you don’t have any, try buy a few cheap lanterns to light up the main walkway to your home. As well as safety for the trick or treaters, lighting up your home also acts as a deterrent from any trouble makers looking to damage property.  

5: Secure Pets Safely

Much like securing your valuable items, if you are one to let pets wander in the garden, it may be best to keep them inside for the night. Not only may trouble makers tease pets, but it is in the pet's best interest to be inside for things such as fireworks, sparklers and the general hustle and bustle of the night.