6 Ideas for a New Room When Your Children Fly the Nest

16th October 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

6 Ideas for a New Room When Your Children Fly the Nest

Once your children have flown the nest and bought a place of their own it can be hard knowing they won’t be coming back to live with you.

It is easy to cling onto their room and try and keep it as they left it, but a child’s old room can actually present parents with a few different opportunities. Having an extra room gives you the chance to transform the space into something that will benefit you and your home.

Spare Room

The great thing about turning your child’s old room into a spare room, is that not only can guests stay in it when they come and visit, but your children will also be able to come home at any time and still stay in the same room.

Having a new spare room gives you the chance to invite more friends and family that live further a field to come and stay with you, and you can also throw dinner parties and give guests the option to stay over if they want to.


Having a study in your house is great, not only to put computers and printers in, but also to store all your documents and paperwork in one organised place. Many people work from home now or are self-employed and need a space to work quietly in, and a study provides just this.

Buy a nice filing cabinet and carefully organise all your paperwork for the house, children, jobs and more in one coordinated place. You can get nice office furniture for quite a low price, so invest in a desk and chair, and maybe a bookcase too.

Dressing Room

If you could use some extra storage for your clothes and shoes, then a dressing room can be a fantastic addition to your home. Chances are the room already has wardrobes and draws in from when your children lived there, so there will be plenty of space for all your extra things.

Make the dressing room really nice with a vanity table and mirrors, and consider getting more shelves and cupboards put in. Think about the lighting too and whether you want to change it to something that will really brighten up the room.

Games Room

Homes these days tend to be full to the brim with Play Stations, Xboxes, games and a host of other things. By changing your child’s old room into a games room, you will have a place to keep all these things together.

You could even invest in some new bigger games once you have a dedicated room, such as a Ping-Pong or pool table. Games rooms are great when you have friends and family over and will give your children a place to congregate when they come home.


Have you ever found yourself trying to read or relax in your home and the radio in the kitchen or the TV in the lounge is a constant distraction? If so then why not create your own little haven?

Fill the room with beanbags and comfortable chairs and decorate with warm colours and low lighting. Fill the room with candles and move all your books into a corner. This little sanctuary will provide you with the perfect place to retreat to after a long and tiring day.


Getting to the gym can be expensive and time consuming, but we could all do with being a little fitter. Why not invest in a few pieces of equipment and set up your own gym right from your own home?

You could buy a treadmill or some weights and maybe even create an area to do yoga in – the possibilities are endless but having the option at your fingertips will change your view on exercise forever.