6 Interiors That Rock the Cosy Factor in Style

25th October 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

6 Interiors That Rock the Cosy Factor in Style

These interiors are oh so very inviting and create a warm, cosy feel without compromising on style.

1. It’s so fluffy!

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A fluffy rug that ties in with your interior theme colours can make any space look cosier. The neutral colours and natural wooden coffee table create a fabulous rustic edge.

2. Create yourself a reading corner

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A reading corner is good for any time of year but is particularly nice in the winter when you’re in hibernation mode. It can be as simple as taking an unused chair from another part of the house and putting it next to a desk or bookshelf. Adding soft furnishings to the area will make it look even more inviting.

3. Getting the light right

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In the bedroom lighting can really help to create a relaxing and comfortable space, and it’s the perfect place to use quirky and creative mood lighting. Fairy lights and lamps can make a romantic setting and with the addition of carefully placed textiles and your own accessories it can be a room where cosy-ness is the priority.

4. An inviting hallway

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Keeping your hallway well-lit and free of clutter. Using mirrors to give the illusion of space and having a well organised spaces for shoes, coats, and umbrellas can help relax people as soon as they enter your home.

5. Remember the garden

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Whether you're having a bonfire night party or Christmas drinks don’t forget your garden as a potential party space. It may be cold outside but if you are clever with candle light and have outdoor heaters you can make your garden a magical space. There are many outdoor lights available and simply dotting candles around in jam jars will transform your space.

6. Make it firey

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Fire pits are a great addition to your garden for winter gatherings. Though there are loads of cool designs available to buy ready-made, they’re surprisingly easy to build yourself. DIY Network has the instructions here. Fire pits are a controlled way to provide heat during winter, plus they provide a stunning focal point for an outdoor area.

Written by Penny Tristram