6 Kickass Websites To Inspire a January Home Revamp

18th February 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

6 Kickass Websites To Inspire a January Home Revamp

New year, new home? Kick that space in to shape with these websites that give no-nonsense tips on managing and sprucing up your space.

Apartment Therapy : January Cure

Apartment Therapy’s January Cure assignment blogs give real-life examples and actionable lists to jump-start projects like Finishing Touches and Details, and All the Things I Usually Avoid. Readers can sign up to the January Cure emails and interact via the comments sections – useful for staying focused and motivated during a New Year revamp.

Unfu*k Your Habitat

Telling it like it is, Unfu*k your Habitat promises “Terrifying motivation for people with messy homes, and reassures you that “You’re better than your mess.”  A Good Housekeeping for the digital age, Unfu*k your Habitat is interactive, supportive, and happens mostly on Tumblr and smartphone apps. You’re encouraged to post before and after photos of your unfu*ked habitat – which for some of us will be the motivating difference between doing it and not doing it. As the website tells us, “Excuses are boring.”

The Nest

The Nest boasts a stack of guides on everything from renovation to sneaky ways to make a smaller space look bigger. For a quick-start January makeover, check out the tips on mini makeovers and easy do-it-yourself renovations.

Real Simple Home and Organising

Bearing the tempting offer of ‘A Life Made Easier’, Real Simple’s Home and Organising section rings in the New Year with a room-by-room makeover for an organised home.  The Ultimate Home Makeover focuses on dealing with trouble zones such as the wardrobe, garage, and playroom, and offers clutter-busting tips for more organised spaces.


Houzz features a raft of beautiful interiors photos with step by step tips that you can apply in your own home. Projects include Downsizing: choosing what furniture to leave behind, and Taking a dining space from plain to polished. The website lets you browse décor schemes by style, while the Houzz smartphone apps make it easier to check instructions while working on DIY projects.


The orginal cleaning motivator, The Flylady has been inspiring organised homes for many years. In a similar vein to Unfu*k your Habitat, the Flylady focuses on creating a sustainably clean and organised home, one manageable step at a time. A soothing balm, then, for anyone faced with the task of sorting the house out after the Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

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