6 Maximum-Impact Wall Art Themes To Make At Home

1st November 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

6 Maximum-Impact Wall Art Themes To Make At Home

Whether you’ve just bought a new home or want to breathe life into tired rooms, high-impact wall art is a quick way to completely transform a space. Go one step further than the colour block feature wall, and create 3D installations from everyday items. Check out these ideas for instant inspiration:

A Touch of Nature

This is a great example of how materials that would normally be discarded can be reclaimed to create a wall art piece. The 3D relief aspect creates interesting shadows, and there is a pleasing contrast between natural and man-made elements.

All rights reserved by jmsstudio

Not a Hoarder, but a Collector

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Do you have collections of lovely things that are hidden away in shoeboxes? Bring them out into the light and create an entire feature wall of eclectic items. Using box frames, shelves and mounts will add extra quirky impact.

Delight with Decals

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Not just the preserve of cool cafes and bars, decals work excellently in the home too.  A wallpaper wtih this bird design would overpower the space, but using the design sparingly makes a powerful visual impact. The addition of the plain black wall as a background is a bold design choice but with the right furniture and flooring can make a room look sleek and modern

Group Objects by Theme

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Theming your room may seem like a restrictive way to decorate but it can actually be quite freeing. Taking an idea and running with it can give you the opportunity to make a space truly individual. This woodland wallpaper as a feature wall with the antique bird and boxes is definitely unique. A theme could be something broad like art or something more specialist like classic literature.

Make Your Wall a Photo Album

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Whether you want to take photographs that specifically suit your interior design or create a personal space for the family album, there are many design-centric ways to display photos. Using a variety of frames, and alternating different types of photography will elevate your photographs to the status of an art piece.

Lighten Up

All rights reserved by Dora Alexandra Nacsa

Using candles or lights as a main design feature will give an interesting day-to-night change to your room. Picking attractive wall mounts, or using shelves to create shapes and lines against a minimalist wall will make for a dramatic feel. Using a light as a focal point to amidst patterned wallpaper can focus the eye and make the area seem more balanced and less busy.

Written by Penny Tristram