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20th September 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

6 Ways to Postpone Turning the Heating On

Autumn is well and truly here and with its arrival comes almost competitive discussions about who can leave their heating off for the longest. There’s no doubt that postponing putting the heating on will save you cash, so here are a few ways to do just that without losing any body parts to frostbite. 

6 Ways to Postpone Turning the Heating On

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1) Stop the leaks! 

It may seem obvious, but check your home for any air leaks. Whether you’re living in a new build or an old house, exit ways like attics, doors and badly-sealed windows will let the cold air straight in. Just by filling small holes and cracks in the walls, you’ll see about a 30% average reduction in your energy bill.

6 Ways to Postpone Turning the Heating On

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2) Fool Yourself

Sometimes warmth is all about perception. Warm colors and textures make you feel warmer, so change out your decor. Just adding sofa throws in warm colours, and changing cushion covers can create a warm glow. 

3) Heavy curtains and window dressings.

The right window treatments add colour and style to finish a space, but they also serve an excellent practical purpose. A wool/cotton blend will absorb the sun and help warm up the whole room. Once the sun goes down and the temperature dips, close the curtains and keep the cold air from seeping through your windows.

4) Area rugs.

As well as being a design element that will unify a space, rugs serve an important purpose during the cold winter months. Adding a layer of insulation to the floor, they trap the cool air underneath and keep it from seeping up and making the room cold. Plus, they feel so nice underfoot.

5) Cook

Cooking at home saves money and warms your house up, so it’s a win-win situation.

6) Insulate your home.

Get your house properly insulated. It’s a bit of an expense but proper insulation is worth the initial investment. Its probably the most important factor in keeping a home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Make sure you get the right insulation the attic and between the inside walls. Insulation is measured in R-value : this is the amount of heat allowed to pass through it. The higher the R-value, the less likely heat will escape.  

6 Ways to Postpone Turning the Heating On

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