7 Sumptuous Nature-Inspired Christmas Decorations

15th November 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

7 Sumptuous Nature-Inspired Christmas Decorations

How will you deck the halls this year? There are plenty of garish decorations in shops, but natural decorations are the instinctive option for those seeking something a little more stylish. Plus, they’re easy to co-ordinate with your existing interior design scheme. Make your Christmas warming, inviting, and most of all beautiful with these top decoration ideas.

1. Take a Leaf

Use candles and pine or fern leaves to make an inviting table or fireplace display. The green creates a festive feel. Using candles of different heights will give more depth to your display. These printed candles tie the whole look together.

2. Turn up the Heat

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Dried fruits create an ultimate rustic charm, but these chilies take the idea outside the box and add an element of surprise to this traditional theme. These spicy delights already have a beautifully vibrant red colour, and as a plus, they echo the shape of fairy lights. Chilies make ideal individual tree decorations, and work well as a surprise addition to wreaths.

3. Scent-Sational

Oranges and cinnamon are a more traditional, but no less delicious décor option. You can rely on this combo for the ultimate Christmas perfume. Dried orange slices catch the light and make glowing decorations as well as scenting your home beautifully.

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4. Minimal Magic

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How’s this for an alternative to a Christmas tree? Perfect for the minimalist who can’t stand too much busy detail. You can use any empty jars for a stacked effect if you haven’t got the room to hang them. Fill the jars with anything that suits your style.

5.  Featherly Fantastic

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This peacock wreath is spectacular. It adds a bold splash of colour with the intense blues and greens and will look amazing on white walls.

6.   Perfection on Paper

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Use Christmas as an excuse to use junk in a beautiful way. This Christmas tree decoration is made from an old paperback. It’s a lean, green alternative to a “real” Christmas tree. You could even theme it by using Christmassy literature.

7. The Final Countdown

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This homemade advent calendar is simply classier than most. It’s quick and easy to make, too. Simply attach the cardboard tags with ribbon. For children, why not attach a clue to each tag, giving them directions to each days treat?

Written by Penny Tristram