7 Things Buyers Look For When Searching Homes

28th May 2019 posted in Sellers Buyers

Online property portals have transformed the way buyers search for homes. It has never been easier for would-be property buyers to search for a home that meets their needs, and to see options that appeal to them.

Location searches and budgetary parameters have been at the heart of property searches for a while, but in recent times, there has been an added intelligence level to property searches. The keyword search term facility on Rightmove has been active for over a year, and it is interesting to see the most popular terms that buyers type in when looking for a property.

Vendors must be aware of what buyers search for

If you are a vendor, you need to know these terms. When you know what buyers are looking for, and you are in a position to give it to them, you stand a much better chance of selling your home. Your property listing should indicate that you have what buyers want, drawing them to you, enhancing your chances of selling your home.

According to figures released by Rightmove, the top seven things buyers look for when search homes are:

1.      Garage

2.      Annexe

3.      Acre

4.      Garden

5.      Detached

6.      Cottage

7.      Character

You may think that some of these searches, perhaps even most or all, do not apply to your home, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You may not have a garage at home, and the proportion of homes which state they have an annexe are extremely limited, but this doesn’t mean you cannot appeal to buyers.

What is evident from the keyword terms used in property searches is that buyers are looking for space. This finding isn’t new information; most vendors should know by now that the more space you offer at your property, the better. If you can declutter and clean your house to a high standard, you significantly increase your chances of selling your home, which is the over-riding aim when it comes to selling your home.

What constitutes character in a home?

There is also the fact that ‘character’ is listed as the seventh most popular search term for buyers. Character is a subjective matter, and what one likely buyer may find adds character could be an issue that causes another buyer to dislike a home. Therefore, no matter the style of your home, there is always a chance to appeal to someone who is looking for exactly what you offer.

It is essential to know who the most likely buyer of your home is. This information provides you with the platform to present your house most appropriately, drawing attention to your listing. From there, appropriate pricing, high-quality images and relevant information ensure you have a strong chance of connecting with buyers, but you need to reach buyers first before you connect.

Knowing what buyers look for when searching homes is a crucial step in the sales process, and we are here to assist you. If you want to sell your home, you need to connect with buyers. At Hunters Camberwell, we are pleased to say we have helped many vendors connect with buyers and we look forward to assisting you in the sales process, so please get in touch.