Accurate Floorplans Make A Difference When Selling

19th June 2019 posted in Sellers Buyers

As buyers want information, vendors should provide as much detail and support as they can when selling their home. The more you make life easier for buyers, or help them form an opinion about your property, the more likely they’ll form a positive impression about you. One of the most essential features vendors should offer is a floorplan.

Floorplans are recognised as being an essential feature on property listings. Some buyers won’t consider looking at a listing if this information isn’t available. Therefore, to enhance the number of people who look at your property listing, be sure to provide a property listing.

Inaccurate floorplans are worthless to interested parties

However, there isn’t a recognised standard for floorplans, and there are concerns that many floorplans are not accurate. An inaccurate floorplan is worthless to buyers, and it can be very misleading. It is not as though most vendors are looking to trick buyers, the majority don’t provide incorrect information deliberately, but the outcome is still the same.

Times are changing, though, and a new RICS course will hopefully create a standardised way of measuring properties. A study undertaken by RICS suggests that there are notable inconsistencies with property measurements. The variance for floor measurements can reach as much as 58%, depending on which measurement standard is applied to the measured areas in a home.

This outcome can make a huge difference in what a prospective buyer thinks about a house. To stop this uncertainty from happening, RICS has developed a property measurement standard, and they are offering a training course for interested parties. At the end of the training period, students have to sit an exam while committing to further personal development.

Qualified professionals offer confidence in the property market

Professionals who qualify will be provided with an RICS certified logo and can class themselves as a certified property measurer. In a competitive marketplace, and buyers wary of what they see and read online, this qualification will help a property stand out from the crowd. Property professionals will benefit from having this qualification, and vendors should find prospective buyers trust the information they provide.

The importance of providing accurate information to buyers is it improves engagement and facilitates interest. A precise property listing, perhaps indicating the house has less space on offer than may have been recorded by other methods, may reduce the interest in a property. However, the people who retain this interest and then arrange a viewing will be more likely to maintain this interest.

Anyone who reads an incorrect measurement and then arranges a viewing will most likely feel disappointed about the property feeling smaller than had been previously thought. This outcome would lead to many viewings ending with no follow-up interest. Therefore, accurate floorplans remove uninterested parties from the process at an earlier stage, which should free up more time to deal with buyers who hold a genuine interest in the home.

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