Amazing Home Aroma

31st January 2018 posted in Home Lifestyle

Rumour has it that the smell of freshly baked bread can make your home more appealing and sell quicker however there are a number of other ways that you can add some spectacular smells to your home.

There is something incredibly special about scent in your home. A smell can make you feel relaxed, evoke a certain memory or feeling and ultimately create the sense of home. The majority of people think your hob is simply a place to cook food and you are correct but it can also be used to create fantastic smells throughout the house. We all love walking into the home only to smell a delicious roast dinner or fresh cookies baking but have you ever considered simmering some water with lavender, mint or lemon in it? The results are almost instant and the heat will help the scent waft around your property.

We’re currently experiencing a houseplant revolution with homes up and down the country seeing an abundance of indoor greenery designs. As well as looking nice, indoor plants purify the air and many also have beautiful smells. In addition to this, letting in natural air will also add to the pure atmosphere. Open the windows in multiple rooms – even if it is cold, just having them open for a few minutes will create a clean, fresh fragrance.

Believe it or not but dust smells – after all it is primarily made of dead skin cells. To combat this, keep your home de-cluttered and clean. Scented carpet cleaners can work wonders and regularly changing bedding will also ensure your rooms smell nice. A room diffuser or bowl of potpourri is also an inexpensive way to uplift your property. Soaking cotton wool balls in your favourite scent or perfume is also a handy trick. Once completely soaked, hide them around the houses, behind ornaments, in cupboards and in faux flower arrangements. These are little whiffs of pleasure to be encountered by anyone who roams around your home.

Candles are the most common method for creating a nice smell in your home but clever placement can make it more efficient. Placing unlit candles in linen cupboards can create amazing aromas and by dotting small scented candles in clusters can also add to the effect. Remember choose scents such as vanilla and cinnamon for a perfect cosy home.

Finally, if you’re having visitors over, pop some scented bleach or bicarbonate soda down sink plugholes and drains. Of course, eliminating the culprits is also important so empty the bin. Nobody likes a lingering bad smell!