Are Buyers Looking For Homes In Winter? Yes

24th December 2019 posted in Sellers

If you plan on selling your home, you need to consider what the buyer is looking for. It may seem as though buyers and vendors are enemies in the property market, both looking to get one over on the other, but ultimately, they are both looking for the same outcome. As a vendor, you need to have buyers in the market, and you need for them to be interested in your property.

When it comes to the question of whether it is worthwhile for a vendor to place their home on the market in winter, many things should be considered. However, one of the most important things to consider is, are there are any buyers looking for a property at this time of year? The answer is yes, and this creates the platform for vendors to sell their home.

There is no denying other times of year are better suited to the property market. Spring is considered to be the busiest season for property sales, and there will be buyers and vendors who hold off until this time of year.

However, some buyers have to move in winter, and it suits some people to make this move before spring rolls around.

Some buyers like to see a home in winter

For many buyers, there is a practical reason for looking for a new home in winter. Winter is the most challenging season of the year for properties, and if a home looks and feels good in winter, it can be trusted all year round.

If there are problems with a property, these will be exposed in winter. However, in the summertime, many issues that make a home uncomfortable may be prevalent. A good survey will hopefully detect any problems or potential errors, but by then, a buyer may have wasted a lot of time and effort on the process. In some cases, the buyer may decide to go through with the process and try to amend the problem. If the potential buyer knew of the issues early on in the process, this wouldn’t happen.

With these circumstances in mind, it is easy to see why some potential buyers like to view homes in winter.

Many work relocations take place in winter

Relocating for work is a commonly cited reason for moving home, and a lot of these changes occur in winter. Many companies switch things up at the start of the year, and this can leave potential homeowners looking for property in December and January.

This creates an audience for vendors, and if you want to reach people who are keen to buy a home quickly and with a minimum of fuss, this is an excellent time to list your property.

Don’t forget many vendors won’t list in winter

A lot of homeowners won’t sell their home in winter, and this is their prerogative. However, if vendors aren’t listed, and you are, your chances of connecting with likely buyers are enhanced. This provides an added incentive for vendors to list their home in winter.

If you are considering selling your home in winter, we can arrange a property valuation for you. If you would like guidance on the sales process, contact Hunters Greenwich today.