Be Prepared For Inquisitive Buyers

27th December 2019 posted in Sellers

When you consider buying a home is one of the most significant decisions a buyer makes in their life, you should expect them to be thorough in their search. Anyone looking for a home in or around Forest Hill has good taste, and they have probably found the area offers excellent value for money. However, this is just the starting process for buyers, and if you want to make the best impression, you need to be prepared for inquisitive buyers, and what they are looking for in a home.

Savvy buyers will check out all the marketing material which is provided to them. The best estate agent in selling your home will ensure the marketing material is up to standard and provides invaluable information. It is essential to offer high-quality images, but floorplans and local knowledge can also help a potential buyer make an offer on the house.

Local issues affect likely buyers

While the size and condition of the property are crucial in the sales process, and for buyers, so is the local area. Smart buyers will conduct their research into a local area. Still, as a local resident, and with the help from an experienced local agent, you can provide insight into what living in the area is really like. Never underestimate the importance of selling a community and great local shops and outlets which only residents are aware of.

Be prepared for questions. You will find buyers are growing increasingly curious when they view a rental property, and you and the agent should be ready for these questions. Typical questions you should be prepared to answer include how old the boiler is, what type of boiler is in place, when was it last serviced, and what the running costs for the boiler are. It is likely you will also receive questions regarding the windows, any work carried out at the house, whether planning permission is available and is there a building regulation certificate in place.

Take feedback on board

You should also listen to feedback. It isn’t always easy to hear constructive criticism of something you love, and of course, many potential buyers will not provide honest feedback to the homeowner directly. However, the role of an agent is to act as a go-between. A prospective buyer is far more likely to raise concerns with an agent, and this feedback can then be used productively in the next viewing.

If you can help buyers as much as possible, while making them feel welcome, you will go a long way to creating a positive impression. In a competitive marketplace, this may make all the difference in selling property.

At Hunters Forest Hill, we know selling your property is a complicated process, but we are here to assist you. If you aim to buy, sell, let your home or rent property, we are active in New Cross, Peckham, Dulwich and Brockley, in addition to Forest Hill, so get in touch with one of the top three agents in London, and we will be happy to assist you.