Best Household Hints Boards on Pinterest

12th October 2012 posted in Home Lifestyle

Best Household Hints Boards on Pinterest


Pinterest Tips Boards so Handy That You’ll Wonder How You Managed Without Them.
I’m a Pinterest fiend. A confession here – I think I spent about 12 straight hours on the site when I first discovered it. It was just after Christmas and there was not much else to do, but still, I probably did need a pintervention. 
One trend on Pinterest that I really love is household hints and tips. Somewhere between a trendy LifeHack, and an old-fashioned magazine reader tips column, these handy hints show us everything from how topermanently decorate mugs with marker pens, to how to seal bags with chopped up plastic bottles.  I’ve trawled the greater recesses of Pinterest to bring you the very best household hints boards.

Duh? by Jennifer Smith

Duh? is a full-on page of hardcore hints, with 100 pins. I particularly like the use of Doritos for kindling (are they good for anything else?), and the rather evil-looking wasp trap.

Everything Fruga!! By Sinking in the Money Pit

Sinking in the Money Pit is on a mission to be debt free. Everything Frugal! is a compendium of money saving tips, with 125 Pins. Pins include a recipe for  homemade Febreeze, and  how to use chalk as a stain remover.

Helpful TidBits by Myrie Lopez

With 159 pins, and an impressive 8,000+ follower count, Helpful TidBits is an eclectic board with a DIY focus. My favourites include the instructions for de-tarnishing all your silver in one go, along with a tidy way to apply silicone sealant. 

Organise & Clean by Kate

Though it’s a relatively small board, Organise and Clean has a top selection of cleaning tips. The best include wrapping-paper organisers, and instructions for cleaning stove burners without scrubbing.

I Love Lifehacker by Colin Foster

A gem of a find from the rare breed of lesser-spotted man-pinner. I Love Lifehacker features Colin’s picks from the site that’s reinvented household hints for the 21st Century. A nice one from here is a project for making a very cool modernist coffee-table from magazine holders. There’s also an ingenious way of getting more juice out of citrus fruits. 

Tips & Ideas by Apartment Therapy

With an absolutely whopping 59,000+ followers, Tips & Ideas has a broad and eclectic selection of ideas, all of which, naturally, apply to flat and apartments. Some original and unusual ones include “10 Simple Things to Make You Happier at Home” and “10 Snapshots You Should Keep in Your Phone's Photo Album”.

Useful Info by Sascha W

Useful Info has lots of great hand-picked cleaning and DIY tips. One pin amazingly claims to be able to show you how to fix a shirt that has shrunk in the wash (will have to try that one some time). There’s also an ingenious way of stopping potatoes from sprouting.
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