Beyond Section 21: Step 1 Mediation - TLIC

10th December 2020 posted in Landlords

In the latest article of a series brought to you by The Lettings Industry Council (TLIC) exploring the Beyond Section 21 (s21) report, they discuss the need for a fully resourced mediation service; Step 1 of their proposed “four pronged approach that they believe must happen before s21 is abolished”.
Within the article TLIC states that mediation can often be misunderstood, as there is a lack of realisation of how powerful it can be in reaching long lasting settlements and resolving disputes. TLIC claims “it is a fast and very effective form of settling disputes and this in turn means less stress and ultimately cost to the parties”.
You can read the full article below, which explores:

  • How mediation works
  • Results since mediation first started at the PRS
  • Resolved cases following real life situations

You can read this article here.

The Lettings Industry Council (TLIC) was established following a number of changes to rules and regulations within the lettings industry. TLIC is a working group comprising lettings experts from across the industry, professional bodies and schemes, service providers for both landlords and tenants, and representatives from both large and small lettings agents. Government advisors also proactively attend their meetings enabling two-way feedback on current issues.