Bike Hangers In Lewisham? Great For Property Owners

15th May 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

Since the lockdown, many people have been looking for ways to stay fit and active, while following social distancing regulations. With fewer cars on the road, many people and households have taken to cycling.

Riding a bike is a brilliant way to get around, to be active, and to travel without harming the environment. At the best of times, cycling is a popular choice for many, and it is easy to see why a lot of families are opting to get on their bike.

Bikes must be securely stored

However, there are problems with bikes. Every cyclist should dress safely, making sure they have appropriate headgear and safety equipment on. Cycles should also be stored safely and securely. A lot of people don’t have space at home for their bikes, which means external spaces make sense, but this may place the bike at greater risk.

It is heart-breaking to see social media stories of people having their bike stolen. With public transport limited right now, a lot of people are more dependent on their bike than usual. Therefore, stealing a bike causes more problems than a slight inconvenience and the cost of replacing the bike.

For some people, a stolen bike hampers their ability to work, to earn money and to care for their loved ones. Therefore, it is essential to consider how you store your bike, and there are calls for more robust bike storage solutions to be offered in and around Lewisham.

Proper bike storage for Forest Hill?

A popular Forest Hill Facebook group, which welcomes posts from residents, has seen a debate take place regarding bike shelters. The initial post focused on how Lewisham Council will install a bike shelter if enough residents state interest in the service. While there is a monthly rental fee for this service, said to be £5, many cyclists will consider this to be money well-spent if it ensures they can keep their bike safe and secure close to home.

The Lewisham council website has a page dedicated to “bikehangars”, and the benefits the scheme offers. The storage solution is installed onto a street, and the unit is bolted onto the kerb. There is space for up to six bikes in each hangar, and the unit takes up half the length of a standard car parking space.

Only residents who have paid to rent the hangar have a key for the hangar.

The council installs new hangars twice a year and is dependent on demand. If you have a bike and are looking for a safe and secure place on your street to store it, contact your neighbours and see if there is sufficient demand. If enough applications are made to the council, you have a better chance of seeing a secure storage unit being added to your local area.

In the short-term, this is brilliant for local cyclists. However, in the long-term, it might become a feature which appeals to prospective buyers. Knowing there is a suitable storage space for bikes will be a great boon for an area, which could further drive demand for property.

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