Bridgend Toilet Roll Company Is On The Rise

23rd June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

It seems like such a long time ago, but it was only a few months when the United Kingdom was swept up in a frenzy surrounding toilet paper. In the early days of panic buying as people prepared to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, toilet paper was one of the most in-demand commodities in the world!

It wasn’t as though the UK was the first nation to experience a spike in demand for toilet roll, but once this buying craze caught on, it spread like wildfire across the country. Toilet roll and tissue manufacturers were working overtime to meet the demand, and one local company has been granted permission to open up an extra production line.

Local business in the right industry at the right time!

When you consider many industries have not returned to work yet, any local businesses which is thriving has to be seen as good news. Even though there will be many households with a surplus of toilet paper right now, this is a product that always remains in demand. With some people concerned about a potential second spike in people affected by COVID-19, it is likely that demand for this product will remain as high as ever.

The Bridgend Paper Mill is set to welcome 70 new jobs as part of the £100m expansion plan at its site close to Maesteg. The expansion plan will include a warehouse with space for up to 35,000 pallets, and a new storage space. The company makes around two million toilet rolls every day, and it clearly has a positive impact on the local community.

Safeguarding jobs is always a good outcome

In addition to creating new jobs, the development will safeguard 267 existing jobs, which is positive news for the local economy. At a time when so many people in Wales, and the UK, have genuine concerns over their long-term future, job security is crucial.

The development is also set to have a positive impact on local roads. The company has agreed to provide £80,000 to assist with traffic calming measures on then A4603 at Coytrahen. There is also a planned active travel route lined up for Llynfi Valley.

The team have been working hard and a post on the company’s blog, or “blog roll” as they call it, said; “It's taken foresight, innovative thinking and strong collaboration from our teams to remove the hurdles posed by Covid-19, but we've got there.”

Councillor Richard Young is the Bridgend council's cabinet member for communities and he said: “With the coronavirus pandemic still in effect, this news could not have come at a better time. It represents a huge vote of confidence in both the local workforce and the county borough's economy, and will prove to be of major significance for generations to come.”

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