Bromley & Dulwich Dance Classes Online

24th April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

When it comes to keeping your youngsters happy and active during the current period, it is often difficult to know what is best. It is important to follow guidelines and recommendations from people you trust. The Government and NHS website is a valuable source of information, but there is also a number of local organisations which offer great advice.

One popular dance school which operates in the local area is Diddi Dance, and they are active in South East London. Obviously, they are unable to run their standard classes at this time, but parents and youngsters will be delighted to know they are operating online.

The organisation prides itself on being the only preschool dance programme which offers 16 different types of dance styles. With classes for girls and boys of pre-school age, there is an opportunity for youngsters to get funky from the comfort of their own home.

Kids enjoy dancing and it benefits them

There is a range of physical health benefits for young children when they dance, including:

·         Better agility

·         Better coordination

·         Better flexibility

·         Healthy blood pressure

·         Improved condition of heart and lungs

·         Improved overall balance

·         Improved spatial awareness

·         Increased muscular strength, endurance and aerobic fitness

These are outcomes that parents want to see in their children, so encouraging youngsters to dance is a great idea. We all know dancing is a fun activity, and many kids love it, but knowing that it is having a positive impact on youngsters is comforting for parents.

Dancing helps children to feel more confident

In addition to the range of physical health benefits for children when they dance, there is also a range of non-physical benefits, including:

·         Greater self-confidence

·         Greater self-esteem

·         Greater self-motivation

·         Improved general and psychological wellbeing

·         Improved mental dexterity

·         Increased overall physical confidence

Dancing at home may not help children to enjoy the usual standard of social activity that regular dance classes offer, but the full range of other benefits on offer should ensure parents and children are happy with this activity.

Diddi Dance are providing a range of live classes throughout the week at 10 am, with a selection of dance instructors taking classes. There is also a craft session scheduled for Sunday if you wish to take things a little bit slower at the end of the week.

Having the chance to introduce routine to youngster’s life at the moment is very important, so these classes are likely to be as welcomed by the parent as the children! Any local parent who has been struggling to keep their child entertained or amused during the lockdown will hopefully find these classes to be of considerable benefit.

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