Buyers Looked For Gardens In 2019

19th April 2020 posted in Property News Sellers Buyers

It is fair to say homeowners who access to a garden are likely to be enduring the lockdown slightly better than those who don’t. With Government guidance advising people to stay at home, a lot of households are uncomfortable with venturing far, even for exercise. Therefore, having some garden space is vital in the current climate, helping people make the most of their time.

It is not as if people knew what was coming, but it transpires garden was a hugely popular search term for prospective property buyers in 2019. Even though a home with a garden has been useful during the lockdown, a house with a garden is always in high demand. Anyone taking an interest in the property market should know what buyers are searching for, and a garden is a critical factor.

The top three search terms, according to a study by Zoopla, used by buyers features garden, garage and parking.

A study suggests that close to 90% of UK households have access to a garden. Of course, a garden can come in all shapes and sizes. Also, people in flats may have access to a communal garden area, but this may not be a suitable area to relax in during the present state of circumstances.

People love spending time in the garden in spring

There is no denying the start of spring, and the Easter weekend would have been hugely popular times for people to gather in their gardens. While there will be plenty of households doing what they can, it is likely there was a significant fall in hot dog buns, burgers and all the other barbecue treats that people afore at this time of year.

Research indicates that homeowners spend an average of 114 hours each year in maintaining their garden. There is so much to occupy your time within the garden. Some people grow vegetables, while others make flowers their primary focus. Potted plants are a great way to be active without having to care for a whole garden, which should ensure that people of all ages, health and experience can find something to do in the garden.

Maintaining a garden offers many benefits

With many people believing gardening work helps them maintain their health and well-being, those who are fortunate enough to have a garden they can enjoy right now should make the most of it.

The importance of a well-maintained garden can also be seen on property prices. Studies suggest that a great looking garden can increase the sales price by between 5% and 20%. Features that are in high demand from buyers include outdoor seated areas, sheds and real grass. Artificial turf may make life a lot easier for homeowners, but if you want to appeal to prospective buyers, genuine grass is the way to appeal to them.

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