Calls For Bridgend Community To Support Homeless

8th May 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

While everyone has been affected by the measures introduced to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, some people will have been more affected than others. A lot of great work is being carried out by local charity and community groups to ensure less fortunate people are not overly affected by the current situation.

One local charity group which is working hard on behalf of others, and who are calling for more support, is Emmaus South Wales. They have appealed for support in assisting formerly homeless people. The group has been badly affected by the temporary closure of their shops across the South Wales area, including the shop in Bridgend.

Marcin has been supported by Emmaus South Wales, and spoke to a local news site, saying; “I was losing hope before coming to Emmaus South Wales six months ago. I have not only been given a home, but opportunities to develop my knowledge and skills. When our shops were open, I would normally be helping to manage the stock and working on the tills. This is something that I really enjoyed, and I’m looking forward to a time when I can do that again.”

Charity groups are vital in supporting local people and local life

The five charity shops across the area play a significant role in helping people integrate with the local community, and in raising funds. Selling donated furniture, household goods, clothing, and electrical items provide the funds that enable the charity to operate. With the shops being closed, there is no money coming in, and the charity faces a bleak future unless they are provided with additional support.

This is something that people are calling on local councillors and the Government to assist with, but this can be a slow-moving process. At times like this, there is a need for charity groups to turn to locals, and the group is appealing for help from those who can afford it.

Not everyone is in a position to support others, and that is okay

These are challenging times, and not everyone can afford to support charity groups right now. The priority is for people to look after themselves and their loved ones. However, if people or households can achieve this, and still think they have something left over to help others, the assistance will be appreciated.

The Chief Executive of Emmaus South Wales, Jemma Wray spoke to local media, saying; “Every person and household has been affected by the coronavirus lockdown and Emmaus South Wales is no different. Despite our shops being closed, we’re doing all we can to keep our residents safe, supported and active.”

Jemma continued by saying; “We know it’s really tough for everyone, but any gift you can spare will help us get through this difficult time. A donation from you will help us continue our vital work during the current emergency and hopefully long into the future.”

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