Camberwell Arts Directory Looking To Display Local Art

26th May 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

There is a lot to like about local life in Camberwell, and we think there is a lot to inspire. These are challenging times, and it is pleasing to see so many things in the local area, which influence us and make us smile.

There is no denying the Camberwell Arts Festival wasn’t planning on celebrating its 26th year in the way it is going to, but everyone is making adjustments and changes right now. The festival is the longest-running visual arts festival in the entire country and in 2020, the event is taking place online.

The 26th Camberwell Arts Festival is taking place between the 13th and 21st of June, and local residents can take part! If you are artistic or creative, you can play a role in bringing some joy to others while showcasing your talents and expertise.

Do you have an artistic side?

The festival is calling for people to join in the #CamberwellAtoZ. In the 26th year, the 26 letters of the alphabet will provide a focus for the festival, and this is where local residents can play their part. If you have any relevant paintings, photos, poems, drawings, designs, short films, soundtracks or short stories, you can submit for entry.

You can submit now, and the final date for entry falls on 7th June. The event is open for people of all ages, but anyone who is under the age of 16 will need to include the permission of their parent or guardian for their entry to be accepted.

Some guidelines to bear in mind if you wish to enter include:

·         Files shouldn’t be larger than 10MB

·         Any JPGs submitted should be at 300dpi

·         Videos should be no longer than two minutes

·         Any text-based entry should be no longer than 1,000 words

·         It is also possible to enter via social media, using the #CamberwellAtoZ

While Camberwell Arts is well known for the support it offers to local artists, and the art community in general, it is fair to say they have won many new admirers due to their actions during this difficult time.

Camberwell Arts is supporting local artists

Grants are being set up to assist artists during this difficult time. While many artists are keen to work as “normally” as possible during this time, many need to find a new audience or reach out online. This might be a different approach to the usual way many artists approach their audience, so the support from a trusted and well-connected source in the local area is much appreciated.

With the Camberwell Arts Festival being a notable highlight of the Camberwell calendar, it will be a miss this year. However, the online version looks set to be hugely exciting, and hopefully, many people will take the opportunity to get involved with artistic endeavours.

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