Camberwell Has Green Space And Is Perfect For Pets

11th March 2021 posted in Home Lifestyle

Camberwell Green is a highly regarded park in the local area, scoring 4 out of 5 on Google, after 1,469 reviews. This is a lot of reviews, so for any park to maintain such a high score has to be viewed as a positive factor, indicating Camberwell Green is a popular destination with the local community.

Myatt's Fields Park is a 14-acre park in Camberwell, and this too has received a considerable amount of praise from the general public. With more than 900 reviews on Google, the park has a 4.6 record, which is worth talking about.

Brunswick Park on Benhill Road in Camberwell has also received a lot of online love. With more than 170 reviews, it is averaging a score of 4.4 out of 5, and this is another positive range of results.

A lot of love for parks in Camberwell

Therefore, there are great parks in Camberwell, and this is hugely positive for people considering the local area. Right now, people need a social space where they can feel safe, where they can exercise, and where they can socialise.

Also, if you have a pet, knowing you can walk it in the local area is a great comfort. Camberwell is great for dog owners, and many households in the local area have a pet they love. However, changes in the rental market might see Camberwell become an ideal destination for many tenants.

The Government says landlords are no longer able to issue a blanket ban on pets. A statement released at the time said; “Instead, consent for pets will be the default position, and landlords will have to object in writing within 28 days of a written pet request from a tenant and provide a good reason.”

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, if you need to discuss this matter, please get in touch, and we will be happy to help.

What do landlords think about the current situation?

Housing Minister Rt Hon Christopher Pincher MP commented: “We are a nation of animal lovers and over the last year more people than ever before have welcome pets into their lives and homes. But it can’t be right that only a tiny fraction of landlords advertise pet-friendly properties and in some cases, people have had to give up their beloved pets in order to find somewhere to live.”

The Housing Minister continued by saying; “Through the changes to the tenancy agreement we are making today, we are bringing an end to the unfair blanket ban on pets introduced by some landlords. This strikes the right balance between helping more people find a home that’s right for them and their pet while ensuring landlords’ properties are safeguarded against inappropriate or badly-behaved pets.”

Should landlords allow tenants with pets?

Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government, issued a tweet on the matter. The tweet stated; “Too few renters can enjoy the pleasure and companionship of pets. We’ve updated the standard tenancy agreement to make allowing well behaved pets the norm – and are encouraging all landlords and agents to adopt it.”

Mark Hayward, Chief Policy Adviser of Propertymark comments: “Whilst we acknowledge that allowing pets can make a property more desirable and encourage tenants to rent for longer, even the best-behaved pets will have an impact on a property. The UK Government must recognise the impact of their decision to cap deposits and the knock-on costs that landlords face. This is a complex issue that is determined on a case-by-case basis highlighting the need for landlords to get advice from a professional letting agent.”

Jen Berezai, Co-founder of AdvoCATS, comments: “AdvoCATS welcomes the new Model Tenancy Agreement announced by the Ministry of Housing, it’s fantastic news and a huge step forward for all those who have campaigned for change. Now, responsible pet owning tenants, many of whom have previously been forced to choose between their pet vs a roof over their heads, will find it much easier to keep their family together.”

If you are looking for guidance or information regarding the housing market, please get in touch with Hunters Camberwell. As a local estate agent who has the support of a national network, we are ideally placed to provide you with all the help and guidance you need to make an informed decision, so please contact us today.