Camberwell Is Loved For Education And Lifestyle Options

20th August 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers Landlords Tenants

At Hunters Camberwell, we are always keen to learn how others see Camberwell and surrounding areas. We care about this area, and we think it is a perfect location for people to live. This is why we take significant interest in what people think about the area, and we pay attention to websites which rank local areas.

One site that has caught our attention of late is the One Dome site. One Dome examines local areas, ranking what an area has to offer, and what key features buyers should look out for.

If you would like to learn about Camberwell, and receive a tailored guide as to why it is the ideal area for you, we are more than happy to help. However, for now, we will consider some of the high praise Camberwell has received from this site.

Education scores very well for buyers in Camberwell

It should go without saying that education is one of the most important factors buyers consider when looking for property. Parents are keen to place their child into a school which will develop them, and shape their life. The future of a child, and their family, can depend on the quality of education they receive. Therefore, it is pleasing to see One Dome rank Camberwell so strongly on education.

Camberwell scored 10/10 for education. With so many well-regarded primary schools in the local area, and these schools have availability, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Camberwell ranking well in this area. If you are keen to learn more about school places in the local area, please get in touch with Hunters Camberwell and we will talk you through what is on offer.

You have plenty of lifestyle options in Camberwell

If you are keen to live in an area that gives you a lot to enjoy, you’ll find Camberwell is well-regarded. According to One Dome, Camberwell scores 10/10 when it comes to lifestyle options. You don’t need to venture far to find a great restaurant, a stylish bar or a place to catch up with friends.

The site cites locations such as Camberwell Leisure Centre, the GX Gallery, the Joiners Arms, Theo’s Pizzeria and Camberwell Arms as fantastic places to enjoy your time outside of the house.

Transport is well-regarded in Camberwell

Transport options are of significant importance in London, and it is pleasing to see One Dome ranks Camberwell as an area with suitable transport options. Even if remote working becomes more prominent as we move forward, you’ll want to set up home in an area that allows you get from A to B with ease.

Camberwell scored 8/10 for transport, and the presence of transport hubs in easy walking distance from the heart of Camberwell has been cited as a positive factor. From our offices in Camberwell, Denmark Hill, Denmark Rail Station and Loughborough Junction are a casual walk away. East Dulwich Station is further away, but is in within walking distance.

Other notable scores for Camberwell from One Dome include:

·         Grocery shopping ranked as 7/10

·         Green spaces in Camberwell scored a 6/10

If you are looking for guidance or information regarding the housing market, please get in touch with Hunters Camberwell. As a local estate agent who has the support of a national network, we are ideally placed to provide you with all the help and guidance you need to make an informed decision, so please contact us today.