Cheap and simple storage solutions

30th July 2019 posted in Home Lifestyle

There’s some weird effect with living space that defies the laws of physics. No matter how many time we move somewhere bigger, the space magically fills up with stuff. Storage can be expensive but if you get creative and think about repurposing existing items you can create some stylish and individual solutions.


Old storage to new

How about using the things you would usually throw in the recycling and re-modelling them into new and improved storage items

Store your bike in style

If you’re a keen cyclist you will know how much room a bike can take up. This is a great and natural way to store your bike. As the pinner points out, it’s a bit heavy to carry around, so it’s best as storage in a permanent home.


Combat kitchen clutter

The kitchen is the area of the house that needs the most storage but more often than not, it’s the smallest room in the house. Using wall space is an easy way to create more space and leave cupboards free for food and store cupboard essentials. For vegetables, attach storage racks to the wall to to free up cupboard space.

This suitcase pegboard has a great vintage vibe, along with a big variety of kitchen uses. You could use it for utensils, pans or kitchen gadgets.
Spices are all important for a keen cook but take up a whole lot of cupboard space. Check out this magnetic design for your spices.

Bedroom storage solutions

Books and clothing are the two main things that end up cluttering the bedroom. This pin shows some super-creative space-saving ideas for the tiny bedroom. This amazing under-bed book storage creates  a whole library available under your bed that looks great and is really convenient for the Sunday lie-in.

This modern and colourful DIY clothing rack for is also perfect for small bedrooms. As is this highly creative use of picture rails to store clothing and shoes. It’s an innovative way to preserve floor space in the bedroom.


Smart jewellery storage

Jewellery is probably among the most precious things you own and is easily lost or damaged if not stored away correctly. Hanging jewellery around bold and decorative jars is an excellent way to  keep it untangled and out of harm’s way.

These are just a few ideas of how to create more space in your home. Repurposing old materials is a great way to get creative and change how you think about storage.

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