Checklist for Securing your Home While You’re Away for Christmas

30th November 2012 posted in Home Lifestyle

Checklist for Securing your Home While You’re Away for Christmas

Going away over Christmas? We hope you have a great time. Of course, only you know your home and its unique features and security needs, but here’s a handy checklist that you can use as a starting point and add to or remove from as needed.

Burglaries and accidents like house fires are more likely to happen over Christmas, as people stay away from where they normally live, and there’s often a rush to get away, which can mean that we forget to make the checks that we normally would. Making a checklist in advance will take the stress out of securing everything before you go away.


    1. Make your home seem inhabited. The ideal here is to have a housesitter come and stay over Christmas, but failing that, put some lights and a radio on a timer switch.
    2. Contact and book pet sitters and house-sitters well in advance.
    3. Failing a housesitter, have a neighbor pop in to check on things (this also makes the place look inhabited).
    4. Don’t hide spare keys under flowerpots – leave them with a friend or neighbor instead.
    5. Buy some little thank-you gifts for visiting neighbours in advance so you don't have to rush at the last minute.
    6. Make sure your home insurance is up to date.
    7. Make sure all windows and doors are locked
    8. Turn the thermostat down a bit to save electricity (but not all the way as you may return to frozen pipes).
    9. Turn off most of the electrical appliances at the mains, and unplug small appliances (but think about things that need to stay on, like the freezer or alarm systems).
    10. Hide valuables, and especially make sure they can’t be seen through windows…
    11. ...and consider safe storage for certain valuables. Thieves will, unfortunately, turn your home upside down searching for things to steal.
    12. Consider investing in a motion sensor light for outside your front door – they are excellent deterrent’s.
    13. Cancel any regular deliveries of milk, newspapers, vegetable boxes etc.
    14. Set your burglar alarm and make sure the police know who your key holder is.
    15. Water the plants.
    16. Throw away any perishables from the fridge and kitchen.
    17. Take the rubbish out.
    18. Lock up any garden items in the shed.
    19. And finally…. Don’t forget to pack the presents and cards! Have a merry Christmas :)

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