Choosing the right agent to market your home

2nd July 2019 posted in Sellers

Selling your home isn’t a straightforward process, but when you have assistance from the leading experts in the field, it becomes more straightforward. There are steps you should take when looking for the right estate agent to market your home.

Your estate agent lists your home on a property portal website or sites, and they act on your behalf during the negotiation process. While it is natural to prefer the estate agent who provides you with the highest valuation of your home, be wary of basing your decision on this factor. The property valuation is not a guarantee of a sale price.

Who is the best agent for your needs?

Some agents follow a strategy of starting with a high value and then lowering the price. There are arguments to suggest this isn’t a viable strategy in the long-term. Therefore, while the valuation process is critical in determining which agent is best for your needs, it cannot be the only factor you when choosing an agent to market your home.

In the present day, you will likely have the choice between an online or High Street agent. Online agents have transformed the market, and some people like the lower costs of this service, but be aware that there are many reasons why opting for a High Street agent is best. Selling your home is difficult, and it is best to have an agent you can trust, and who knows the local area.

Also, while the initial cost of using an online agent seems affordable, there are many hidden costs and extras, which can lead you to paying a lot more when you choose this agent. The industry is evolving, but for now, most industry specialists state a High Street agent is more reliable when selling your home.

Transparency is crucial when choosing an agent

You need to be clear on the cost of the process, as you want to determine your budget as quickly as you can. Therefore, you should choose an agent that is transparent and who will provide you with a thorough rundown of what it costs to sell your home. Look out for charges that may arise if your home doesn’t sell, if there are costs for post-sales progression or whether there are any penalties.

At Hunters, we provide transparency and confidence with our pricing, allowing you to plan with certainty.

How involved do you want to be?

You will likely want to be involved with the sales process, but some people want to be extremely active when selling their home. Some agents are happy to engage vendors and provide them with an opportunity to be a part of the sales process. It is right that you consider what is good for you, and then find an agent that helps you achieve these goals.

However, you should let the agent carry out viewings. You may save money by carrying out your viewings, but this may cost you more in the long-term. Agents are professionals who undertake property viewings regularly, and they will likely have greater confidence and expertise that engages expected buyers.

If you are looking for an agent that provides you with confidence in selling your home, contact Hunters, and we’ll be happy to assist you.