Coffee Shops of Forest Hill

26th November 2019 posted in Home Lifestyle

Coffee culture is huge in the UK these days. Whether you need a jolt of caffeine to start your day or you like socialising with friends in a public setting, coffee shops are the go-to option. In Forest Hill, there are many brilliant coffee shops and cafes to choose from in the local area. No matter your taste or budget, you should find an option that you love, and which keeps you coming back for more.

It is not as if you have to use coffee shops. You may not like coffee, or you prefer to get your caffeine buzz at home or in the office. However, coffee shops are great for the local community. It is good to have hubs where people can congregate, find out about local events and catch up on the local news.

The internet and social media are essential, but real-life interaction is crucial too, and the right coffee shop plays a massive part in bringing people together.

The Archie Parker

There is no shortage of coffee shops and snack places to consider in Forest Hill, so if you’re going to find one you pop back to time and time again, there needs to be a reason or two. Sometimes, your favourite coffee shop is close to home, or close to work. It may be you have a coffee shop which is slightly more convenient, but you prefer the service, products or price at a different option.

The Archie Parker is on Dartmouth Road, and it is convenient for a lot of people in and around Forest Hill. You’ll also find the selection of sandwiches, coffees and snacks to be of interest, and it is well worth popping in for the friendly service.

There are many things to love about The Archie Parker, but collaborations with other local groups and establishments is a key feature. We love convenience, so when you get to enjoy other firm favourites in a place you know well, it makes life easier.

As much as a great coffee is ideal for kick-starting your day, there is a lot more to be said for finding a brilliant place that serves up excellent gin in the evening. The Archie Parker has teamed up with the Forest Hill Gin Club before, alongside other local bakers, with the EPIC PIES events being hugely popular.

They also work closely with South East London suppliers, with bread locally sourced, so if you like backing the local community, this is a great place to frequent, as your money will go further in the local area.

With regular deals, you can grab something warm and tasty without spending too much money, and The Archie Parker is an ideal option whether you are on the go, or looking for a place to relax.

Two Spoons

Two Spoons is another option that provides you with the best teas and coffees by day while serving up a speakeasy vibe in the evening. If you hanker after an artisan option in Honor Oak Park, Two Spoons is an excellent option to consider.

Much like The Archie Parker, we think the addition of cocktail events, tasters and fantastic social nights makes this the sort of local establishment that makes a mark on the community. An Old Fashioned workshop in November is the sort of event that catches the eye and would be the perfect night out for anyone who wants to live like Don Draper, or who wants to serve the drink that was one of the reasons we all fell in love with Mad Men.

Of course, the story, tradition and taste of an Old Fashioned is about so much more than a popular TV show, and this is the sort of event that lets you learn while having fun. Of course, if you can’t make the event, or you prefer to drink as opposed to studying, you can enjoy one of the well-crafted drinks at any time.

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Horniman Café

You’ll find the Horniman Café is the ideal place to meet friends and relax. This is a stylish and modern café, and you can look out over the 16 acres of well-tended grounds. If the weather is pleasant, this is one of the most pleasing areas to enjoy a cup of coffee in the local area.

It doesn’t have the charm or artisan feel of a local coffee shop with a theme or style, but it is a well-maintained option with a fantastic selection of coffees, teas and snacks. It is a child-friendly destination, and if you are in the mood for a slap-up roast on a Sunday afternoon, this is one of the most exceptional options in Forest Hill.

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