Community Matters For Buyers In August 2020

19th August 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers Landlords Tenants

It cannot be a surprise to learn that buyer demand has changed considerably in recent times. While the most commonly prized features such as gardens and more space are still the top priorities for prospective buyers, other factors have risen in importance.

When you consider the changing outlook on remote working, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn buyers are re-evaluating what is important to them. At Hunters Hornchurch, we have worked closely with many buyers and vendors, and we have developed a good idea of what is vital for buyers right now.

Buyers are re-evaluating what matters to them when buying a home

We also pay attention to studies carried out on the market. One study that has raised some important points comes from Redrow, a housebuilder in the UK. The company spoke to more than 2,000 adults, and they ascertained what matters to buyers when looking to purchase a new home.

The Top 10 findings from the study are as follows:

1.       A park or village green with open spaces cited by 35% of respondents

2.       Access to smaller shops such as grocers, baker and a Post office said by 33%

3.       Having a Doctor’s Surgery nearby was listed by 32% of respondents

4.       31% of respondents requested bus and train routes nearby

5.       The importance of a large supermarket close-by was cited by 28% of respondents

6.       17% of people who answered stated they wanted local cafes and restaurants

7.       A pharmacy was listed by 15% of respondents

8.       Good schools were only listed by 14% of respondents

9.       Pubs and bars were named by 14% of respondents

10.   Only 11% of respondents cited the importance of a hospital close-by

Space and community spirit are more important features now

Open space and community aspects are vital, and we are pleased to say Hornchurch scores well in these areas. If you are looking to find an area where you can feel at home, knowing there is a great deal of space around you, get in touch as believe Hornchurch is of interest to you.

James Holmear is the Group Sales Director at Redrow, and he said; “Lockdown has changed our lives dramatically. More time spent in the home has made us reconsider how we use the space that we have, and how our homes can adapt to a more permanent change in the future. Even as more offices re-open, many people will opt to work at home, and people are planning to replace public transport with greener modes of community when they do commute.”

James continued by saying; “This change has translated to huge shifts in buyer preferences on the ground. Now, we are experiencing more customers adapt their search to homes with extra space to work, and more people are looking for proximity to green space and local shops, over good schools, and cafes and restaurants.”

If you are keen to stay in touch with the local housing market, we can help. At Hunters Hornchurch, we are on hand to ensure you receive all the guidance you need in the local property market, and we are here to assist you.