Creating Focal Points for Your Living Room

10th June 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

Creating Focal Points for Your Living Room

Whatever the size of your room, a focal point is an important; there are many ways to create a focal point and create a better flow to the room.

The focal point should be the first thing you see when entering a room . An effective way to create this is to  build your furniture arrangement around the focal point.

This doesn’t necessarily need to cost you anything; first look at what you already have in your room.

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What is your current focal point?

For example did you spend some money on an great sofa?
Could you rearrange your room to make the most of that piece of furniture the focal point?

To make the sofa a focal point, place it on the longest wall of your room.
Hanging something like a mirror, a favourite photograph or art piece draws the eye immediately to the area.

Never put it right next to the wall or in a corner this makes it seem less welcoming and you want a focal point to be more visually inviting.
To add more drama to the space include a sculpture or a natural piece like dried flowers or driftwood.

Even the placement of your cushions can enhance your focal point. 
Having three throw cushions on the sofa with their corners pointing up creates a line that breaks up the bulkiness of a sofa and draws in the eye.

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Are you lucky enough to have a great view outside?
Being clever with textiles around your window can open up a space and make the most of the view.

Bookcases make a wonderful focal point using it to display photographs and pictures as well as your books and a floor to ceiling bookcase also can give the illusion of more space.

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Cheap alternatives can be things like candles and flowers.
A collection of candles with natural elements like pine cones, pebbles and dried flowers on your table can look great just as a table decoration or a wall display but done right using height and a creative eye they can act as a great room focal point. 

Remember, whether you choose to use one object or a grouping, place it against the wall if you want to have an effective focal point.

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Fireplaces are a fabulous addition to a living space and easy to make a focus in a room. Cleaning up a unused fireplace and placing a picture over it or putting a quirky display in fireplace itself creates an instant focal point for your room.

One of the easiest ways to make a focal point is to paint one wall a bright colour.
Look at the furniture you have around you and find a colour palette that suits the rest of your room.

However you choose to design it a focal point is a fun and creative way to improve the flow of your interiors so get designing today.

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Written by Penny Tristram