Don't Let Festive Lights Inflate your Electric Bill

11th November 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

Don't Let Festive Lights Inflate your Electric Bill

Christmas time is almost upon us, in a few weeks we’ll be dusting off the decorations from the attic and checking which ones were broken from last year and what bulbs have blown. The festive season is usually a big time for energy use, with all our extra lights and loaded up plug sockets. It doesn’t have to be like this though. Here are 5 ways to save energy and money this Christmas.

Switch on to LED Christmas Lights

LED lights use 90% less electricity than your regular fairy lights. Unlike incandescent strand lights that heat up, LED lights are a great advantage if you’re using a real tree or have small children. They also last longer, sometimes up to 100,000 hours. LEDs use light emitting diodes to produce light. This means they have no filaments inside them that will burn out, so the rigmarole of replacing bulbs is a thing of the past. They’re also made of plastic, which means there’s less likelihood of breaking bulbs while you're decorating. They’re also surprisingly inexpensive at an average of £9.99 for a big strand and come in an array of  shapes and sizes.

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Having the lights on for six hours a day, or less, is a good goal to aim for. The best way to control this is by getting yourself a timer to attach to your lights. That way you don’t have to remember to turn your lights on and off, you can set it and forget about it.

A Candlelit Christmas

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Making things more festive with candles is a beautiful way to create the Christmas glow without hoisting up the electricity bill. Buy a mixture of scented candles( vanilla, mulled wine, spiced apple) to really add to that festive feel.

Fabulous Fibre Optics

Fiber optic trees used to just look naff  but now there are some truly stylish fibre optic decorations on the market. They are the most energy efficient of all electric decorations. They only use one bulb, that’s usually found in the base unit of the decoration.

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Rechargeable Batteries

If you are looking for smaller fairy lights for tree table decorations, invest in some battery-powered ones. Using rechargeable batteries means they’ll last longer and save you money in the long run. Recent advancements have made rechargeable batteries better than ever and they will not only be useful for your decorations but will come in handy on Christmas day if someone’s been given a battery-powered gift.

Written by Penny Tristram