Energy Performance Rating Improvements For Your Camberwell Home

28th August 2019 posted in Sellers

When it comes to making changes or improvements to your home, it is bets to get advice and guidance from experts. Not only will this information help you feel confident when making a decision, it can help you convince others of the standard of work you have carried out.

There is no denying that improving the energy efficiency rating of a home is important for many people. When your home is energy efficient, you spend less money on energy bills, which is great news. If you are frustrated at the rising cost of energy bills, you’ll be delighted to know you can save money without feeling miserable at home.

Also, when you improve your energy efficiency rating, you play a role in saving the environment, which is a plus point for many people. There is also the fact that if you intend to let or sell your property, you need to have an Energy Performance Certificate, or an EPC, in place. This document should be presented to buyers or tenants, which means the energy performance rating of your property is laid bare, and there is no hiding place for a low standard of energy performance.

Of course, you don’t need to sell or let your home to benefit from an EPC or its findings. As stated, no matter the prime motivation for making energy efficient changes, there is a positive outcome. At Hunters Camberwell, we know many homeowners are keen to improve their energy performance rating, and here are some areas to focus on when looking to make changes.

Improving your windows

Studies indicate the standard house loses around 10% of its heat through windows. Even if you have improved insulation around your window and doors, you can still lose a lot of heat and money in this manner.

Therefore, take the time to upgrade your windows, and you’ll; enjoy long-term benefits. If you are looking for a great option in improving your windows, modern uPVC sash windows are a fine choice, as they are far more efficient at preventing a loss of heat. These windows also last for a long-time and require very little maintenance.

Switch out your lightbulbs

A very quick and effective way to improve your energy rating is to replace old incandescent or halogen bulbs, and replace them with LED bulbs. These bulbs cost a bit more than standard bulbs, but they last a lot longer, and they significantly reduce your energy bills over a longer period.

Other options to consider when looking to improve the energy performance of your Camberwell home include:

·        Insulating the walls and roof of your home

·        Adding smart heating controls to your property

At Hunters Camberwell, we want you to love your home, and for you to make the most of your property. Whether you plan on letting or selling your home soon, or you wish to enjoy the property for many years, improving the energy performance rating makes sense.