Enjoy The Food Of Love In Peckham This Valentine’s Day

7th February 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers Landlords Tenants

Friday night is often a busy and popular night for heading out of the house; particularly if you are planning a date. However, Friday the 14th of February is extra special because it is Valentine’s Day. Anyone who is currently looking for a date venue doesn’t need to look much further than Peckham.

We are pleased to say Peckham has a great selection of restaurants, and as a date night in a restaurant is a hugely popular activity for this day, you will likely be looking for somewhere local to grab somewhere to eat.

Coal Rooms is a contemporary option in Peckham

Coal Rooms is located in the former train station ticket office at Peckham Rye, and it is likely to be the setting many people imagine when they think about a modern Peckham eatery. This is a very relaxed bar that carries a beautiful style; while offering a blend of café and restaurant standard food.

There is a bespoke charcoal grill and oven, which ties in with the name, and you’ll love the diversity, and high standard, of food on offer. Cowboy steaks, cod heads, sirloins and ribs mean that there is something to get every mouth-watering. You’ll also find plenty of positive reviews for the house sauces, and generally; there is a very positive vibe about Coal Rooms, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy a local night out this Valentine’s Day.

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Looking for an Italian treat in Peckham this Valentine’s Day?

When it comes to the food of love and romantic settings for date night, it is hard to argue against a night out in a nice Italian restaurant. Il Giardino has been in the local area since 1987, and it holds an exceptional reputation for serving up some of the finest Sardinian cuisines. With a predominantly Italian feel with a touch of Peruvian flavour, we think Il Giardino offers up something very few restaurants can match.

We also think you’ll find the friendly welcome on offer at Il Giardino to be of benefit when planning a special night. You may question how sincere a restaurant is when they claim to treat regulars as friends, but this is a local restaurant which knows how to care for the people who come by regularly, and those trying out the setting on a special occasion.

Another Italian option you may wish to consider is Forza Win. The restaurant claims to use the best ingredients of the time, with a focus on the seasons and minimising waste. If you like to make environmentally-focused decisions, this restaurant on Copeland Road is likely to be of interest.

The restaurant burst into life as a pop-up, but over the years, it has found its feet and a permanent base in Peckham. It was pizzas which first made people pay attention to the restaurant, but there is an excellent arrange of food on offer as well as a fantastic range of Italian beers, wines and cocktails.

Spanish tapas may be ideal for your special night

There is no denying Spanish tapas are an attractive dining option, and a brilliant way to spend some quality time with a partner. The whole concept of tapas is based on sharing, so if you are looking to get up close and personal with someone this Valentine’s Day; Miss Tapas on Choumert Rd is a brilliant option.

This independent restaurant aims to offer a real taste of Andalucía while providing authentic dishes packed full of Spanish aromas and flavour. There is a true sense of tradition with these dishes, harking at a culture that runs much deeper than just food. The food derives from Spain and Peckham, with meat from Flock & Herd, and you can enjoy beers from the local Peckham Brewery.

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Vegetarians are well catered for in Peckham this Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a vegetarian option on Valentine’s Day, consider Persepolis on Peckham High Street. You may be familiar with this venue in its role as a corner shop, but it also offers a small and cosy vegetarian restaurant.

While there is a core menu on offer at Persepolis, it updates regularly, so there is always something new for you to try. This could be perfect for couples looking for a reason to get close on Valentine’s Day.

The restaurant has a BYOB policy so you can be sure you are going to get a drink you can enjoy; and if you are looking to book a table for a special evening, make sure you give them a call.

If you are looking for a vegetarian option during the day this Valentine’s weekend, you should check out Deserted Cactus. Located in Holdrons Arcade on Rye Lane; this is a quirky restaurant that has developed an excellent reputation. We love the fact that there is no set menu, and you will find the daily offerings are dependent on what Esme intends to serve up.

You may have heard of Esme under one of her other guises, including Deserted Cactus, London Afro Vegan or UK Vegans of colour. With a range of Caribbean dishes and vegan/plant-based options, you can dine here in confidence if you have the time to pop in over the day.

Whatever type of food you are in the mood for or whatever style of the date you want to enjoy this Valentine’s Day; you have plenty of options in Peckham. There are many reasons to look at the Peckham property market seriously, but we believe the range of social opportunities in the local area is a factor to bear in mind.

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