Fancy A Pint In South East London?

15th June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

While the COVID-19 pandemic is extremely serious, and people should follow all social distancing measures, it is natural to miss some of the smaller things in life. In the grand scheme of things, not being able to enjoy a pint in your local pub with friends isn’t the biggest hardship, but it is something that people miss from their everyday life.

Even though lockdown restrictions are loosening, there is still a strong chance it will be some time until we are able to visit pubs and bars in the way we are accustomed to. However, if you miss a freshly poured pint from your local bar, you might be able to enjoy this treat sooner than you think.

There is a growing number of bars offering takeaway pints right now, and the range of bars offering this service is sure to grow. If pubs have the beer going to waste, it makes sense to serve it up to locals in a safe manner. This helps the pub to bring in money, it saves waste, and it allows people to indulge in a favourite activity from time to time.

There are New Cross options for a takeaway pint

If you live in and around New Cross, you might already be familiar with the pubs serving up takeaway pints. However, if you are one the lookout for a place where you can whet your whistle, why not consider Big John's Biltong Bar, The White Hart and The Fat Walrus

Peckham and Peckham Rye offer pints a plenty from local pubs!

The Victoria Inn and The Ivy House are popular amongst Peckham drinkers and The Herne Tavern and Café G. is serving up fresh drinks for the good people of Peckham Rye. If you are looking for a light libation, these places will serve you well.

Brockley boozers are serving up drinks too

You are also in luck if you are keen to buy some pints in and Brockley. There are many great bars in this area, and while we might not be able to enjoy the atmosphere of these pubs for some time, you can enjoy the drinks on offer.

Look out for pints from Joyce, The Orchard, London Beer Dispensary and The Waverley Arms if you are keen to enjoy a drink around Brockley in the next few weeks.

With these bars enjoying success in serving up pints to takeaway customers, there is a good chance that other pubs in the area will follow suit. No one can say for sure when life will return to “normal” but small steps are being taken across South East London.

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