Fascinating Horniman Gardens Sculpture Supporting The Bees

24th August 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

For many people, the re-opening of the Horniman Museum has been of the highlights of recent weeks. This is one of the most impressive locations in Forest Hill, and while life has changed in many ways in recent months, not being able to visit inside the museum has been disappointing. Therefore, while we are not back to normal as of yet, it is great to know that some people can enjoy what the museum has to offer.

Of course, the garden has been open over the summer, and there has been a lot to like about what is on display. Having the chance to enjoy fresh air and beautiful weather has been important for a lot of families lately, and the Horniman Gardens have been vital in getting through some challenging days.

A great looking garden with positive impact

There has been a new garden display that not only looks fantastic, it helps to clear air pollution. It also offers bee hotels and contains specially selected plants. This activity is aimed at assisting bees in the local area, which is crucial when you consider the closeness of the South Circular, one of the busiest roads in London.

Visitors will note The Bee Garden has a unique design, developed around six hexagonal raised beds in the centre. These beds feature species that attract bees and provide food for them. This includes Vipers Bugloss Echium vulgare and shrubs.

There are also areas of wildflower turf, which has been installed to increase the level of plant diversity. There is a bee hotel in each of turf, which have been created from reclaimed pallets, and the bee hotels offer shelter and a place to nest for solitary bees.

A sculpture that improves the local area

An eye-catching feature of the garden is Flower Girl. This is a sculpture by Jasmine Pradissitto, and the material used to create the sculpture absorbs NO2, nitrogen dioxide, pollution from the air. One of the appealing features of the sculpture is that when rain falls onto it, absorbed gas will be washed away in the form of a harmless liquid. This increases the amount of pollution that is absorbed from the surrounding air.

One of the leading aims of the Flower Girl sculpture is that it will provide a “scent path” for the bees. This will hopefully make it easier for bees to find the food sources which are located in the Bee Garden.

Wes Shaw is the Head of Horticulture at the Horniman Museum and Garden, and he said; “This area has been given over to wildflowers in recent years but we’ve decided to step it up and create a garden dedicated to supporting bees. They’re our most important pollinators, vital to gardeners and to the environment as whole, so it makes sense to design with them in mind. And we’re thrilled to have Jasmine’s sculpture adding both beauty and environmental benefit to the Bee Garden.”

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