Finishing Touches That Can Make all the Difference to Your Home

26th September 2014 posted in Property News

Finishing Touches That Can Make all the Difference to Your Home

If you are looking round your house thinking about how you need to do some renovations, then it is often a good idea to take a step backwards and actually work out what could be improved without too much work first.

Often it’s the smaller things and the finishing touches that make all the difference in a home. If you have a tight budget but want to give your house a bit of a make over, then you are better spending wisely on some lighter renovations than stretching your budget doing something major.

Fixtures and fittings can usually be changed for a good price and don’t require too much hard work. They do however really make a room look completely different.


A good place to start is with your doors. If first impressions are everything, then your doors will be the first thing guests see when they enter each room. Doors are actually not as expensive as you may think and can easily be hung yourself if you have a good online guide.

There are many different doors on the market, including wooden, glass, panelled, sliding etc., so you can choose which door suits the room it’s going to be in best. If you have an older home, then reclaimed doors would add a lot of character.

Once you have your doors sorted, you can start thinking about door handles. You would be surprised by how much of a difference they can make to a door and really an entire room.

If you change your door handles, it can be nice to change your light switches to match, so you have a theme running through the room. Brass fittings almost always look good and will help your room look sophisticated and coordinated.


It can be tempting to look at older furniture and picture how much better a room would be if you replaced it with fresh new furnishings, but actually making your furniture look new is easier than you would think.

With sofas and chairs, it is very easy to transform them using fabric – you can either get them upholstered, or for an ever cheaper transformation just buy a new throw and some cushions.  Cabinets and wardrobes can be completely changed with a lick of paint, and tables simply need waxing or a new tablecloth thrown over them.


Once of the easiest ways to transform a room is by upgrading your taps. This works really well in both the kitchen and any bathrooms you have, as you can make some really noticeable changes without giving the rooms a complete overhaul.

Taps are a great place to start, as they are used every day and can really give your room an extra sparkle. Choose matching taps for the bath and skink in your bathroom, then coordinate them with any towel rails in the room.

Kitchen taps come in a variety of sizes and styles, so choose something that works with your current décor and gives your kitchen an extra kick of modern sophistication.


One of the easiest ways to really make a difference to your home is by freshening up your paintwork. Any room can be completely transformed just by changing the colour of the walls or even by adding some wallpaper.

You can get wallpaper in a huge range of patterns and textures these days, just have a look online at all the available options. Refreshing the colour of your walls doesn’t take too long, but can really make a huge difference to your whole house.