The Local Northfields Businesses and Schools You Need to Be Aware Of

5th March 2019 posted in Home Lifestyle

Northfields is a fantastic place to live.

It’s got lovely houses, plenty of things to do, and very friendly locals.

And you’ll be amazed at all the local, independently-owned businesses that makes Northfields such a unique place.

If you live in the area, or are thinking about moving here, you’ll want to check out the following.


Food & Drink

Maxim Ealing

Everybody loves a good Chinese restaurant, and you won’t find any better in Northfields than Maxim Ealing.

It is family run, and has been since its inception in 1974.

The restaurant utilises fresh and natural ingredients for a delicious tastes across all dishes - which leaves many customers regularly coming back for more.

We’d personally recommend checking out the signature spare ribs - they’re quite special!

They can host parties for up to 80 people. If you'd like to make a reservation, you can do so over the phone.

Seperate menus are available for lunch and dinner.

If you’d like to visit Maxim Ealing, also known by locals as Mrs Chows, you can find it at 153-155 Northfield Avenue.


Papillon Cafe

The perfect place to gather or meet with family and friends, have a good chat, and consume some delicious treats.

Papillon Cafe boasts a fantastic menu that includes an excellent selection of tea and coffee.

Since opening in 2010, it has become very popular with locals - and you’ll often see the same people revisiting time and time again.

They serve delicious, homemade cakes, tarts, gateauxs and viennoiserie.

You can find Papillon Cafe at 147 Northfield Avenue.



Our final recommended local business is a fantastic restaurant - Patri.

Although it is a restaurant, it boasts excellent, delicious street food of an Indian origin. Nonetheless, you can book a table and go sit down to eat.

They have an exquisite menu with a variety of different food options, all very authentic and very, very tasty.

The food is fresh and quick to serve. It is vegan friendly and you might be delighted to hear that alcohol is served. But it is the inspiration that comes from street vendors that makes this place so great.

You can find this eatery at 139 Northfield Avenue.


The Owl & The Pussycat

Moving away from schools, and towards something a little less child-friendly, we’d like to recommend our favourite micro brewery - The Owl & The Pussycat.

They feature a number of different beers, primarily bitters, for you to enjoy inside the pub or to takeaway.

The beer is brewed onsite twice during the week. Pop in on the right day, and you can smell it being brewed fresh!

You’ll also find they make cider, and offer a range of traditional pub snacks. If you’re a beer lover, then The Owl & The Pussycat is sure to become your new local.


Cheddar Deli

This one is certainly a case of being what is says on the tin!

Cheddar Deli is a specialist cheese merchant located at 108 Northfield Avenue, just a stone's throw away from our office.

Brent and his team have a passion for cheese that they're move than happy to share. You can purchase cheese in store or subscribe to the 'Cheese Club' where you get monthly deliveries of cheese and crackers. Now that's a delviery to get excited about.

The shop is closed on Sundays & Mondays, but you can shop online as well.



Hynes Optometrists

If you wear glasses, contact lenses, or just like to get your eyes checked regularly - then Hynes Optometrists should be your number one choice.

Colin and Joy Hynes founded the practice in 1982, and the place has been going strong ever since.

Not only do they offer an extremely high level of eye care, but their service allows patients to feel comfortable.

The opticians are all fully qualified, as you would expect, and can have you sorted in no time - whatever your needs are.

You can find them at 120 Northfield Avenue.


Alcombe Veterinary Surgery

If you have pets, you want to ensure they get the best care possible.

That means finding a vet that you’re confident will do everything to ensure they are in the best health they can be.

For us, you should absolutely visit Alcombe Veterinary Surgery.

They offer exceptional, professional care to all animals and are a valued asset to the local community.

Alcombe has a few different locations. In Northfields, you can find them at 160 Northfield Avenue. Make sure you book an appointment!

They offer care to all the standard pets - cats, dogs, etc. - and will consult on almost anything. If they can't help, they'll refer you to a specialist.



Fielding Primary School and Nursery

Every community needs a good school, where children of all ages can get a suitable education.

In Northfields there are a number of such institutions - including Fielding Primary School and Nursery.

As the name suggests, it caters to children of Primary School ages (up to year six), and those attending nursery between the ages of three and four.

The school holds an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted, which is a testament to the fantastic work done by the staff there.

There is room for a maximum of 120 students per year.


Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School

Sticking to schools, you’ll also find Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School which, as you can imagine, places high importance in faith.

They offer schooling up to the end of year six too.

In January 2019 Mount Carmel celebrated 50 years of teaching students, an achievement everybody there is rightfully very proud of.

The teaching is excellent, and the students very happy to be a part of this school.

If you’re looking for a Catholic school in the area, it’s definitely worth taking a look at Mount Carmel.


Montpelier Primary School

Our third and final school recommendation is Montpelier Primary School.

Again, they offer teaching up until the end of year six and, like Fielding Primary School and Nursery, are rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

They are very proud to offer a number of after school activities, such as music and language clubs.

And they regularly host exciting events, such as Science and Maths Week.

It’s clear to see that Northfields has a number of excellent options when it comes to primary schools. Parents are advised to check them all out, and see which best suits their children.




Ensure your dog is properly looked after at the best local dog groomers in Northfields - Doggylocks.

Found at 44 Northfield Avenue, not only do they offer grooming services (for adult dogs, puppies, and even cats) - they’ll walk your pets too!

So if you’ve got somewhere to be, you can leave your animal at their daycare facility.

They have three full-time groomers who are all real animal lovers. You’ll be leaving your pets in very safe hands.

You can see lots of cute pictures of their doggy clients by visiting this page.


Peerless Windows

The local window specialists since 1981.

Peerless Windows should be your first call for any window related purchases you want to make, for your home or business.

There are lots of benefits to buying here. All products are made to the highest of quality (UPV, timber and steel), and are incredibly energy efficient.

And you can visit their showroom in Northfields to check out their windows in person.

There are a wide range of items available for you to choose from. And you don’t have to stick to windows either - as they sell doors too!

Visit them at 129 Northfield Avenue.



Finiks is an independent dress makers that started from a family passion for making bespoke clothes for those special occasions in our lives (particulaly where photos are taken and you of course want to look your best).

Mother-and-daughter duo, Snezhana and Lilia, specialise in individually tailored, hand-crafted garments. They also release their own small collection of outfits inspired by vintage couture, using only the best fabrics (helping make that special outfit one that will last).

Because their work is bespoke you can request your prefered fabrics, colours and styles which are all finished with hand-work techniques.

If you have an upcoming event where you want a touch of luxury we can't recommend them enough; you'll just need to book an appointment.


As you can see, Northfields has a lot of independent businesses that help make it unique. There's nothing wrong with big chains, but it feels great to support local business owners who are delivering on their passion for their trade & craft.