Flat vs House: Which is best when buying?

25th May 2023 posted in Buyers

Is it better to buy a flat or a house? This can be an overwhelming decision, particularly if you're a first-time buyer, as some pros and cons come with both types of property. That's why we're here to help you weigh up the decision, so you can decide which best suits your circumstances and lifestyle.

Flat vs house

Living in a flat


● Affordability

Flats are often less expensive than houses, making them an attractive option for individuals and families on a budget.

● Low maintenance

Flats are more contained and therefore lower maintenance than houses. Some can be maintained by a management company, which means less money on upkeep for you.

● Amenities and accessibility

Many flats come equipped with amenities such as common areas, lifts and usually parking facilities. To find out more about ground-floor flats and their accessibility advantages, take a look at our relevant post.

Also, if you're desired flat is in a central area, it's likely located close to public transportation, shopping centres and other necessities.

● Security

Flats are often equipped with security measures such as entry phone systems, CCTV and security guards or staff on reception, making them a safer option than most standalone houses.


● Space limitations

Flats are generally smaller than houses, which can be challenging for families or individuals who require additional space.

● Noise

Living in an apartment building may result in frequent noise, especially if the flat is situated near high-traffic areas or has shared walls.

● Limited privacy

Flats often involve living in close quarters with neighbours and residents may feel a lack of privacy.

● Rules and regulations

Flats are often subject to specific rules and regulations set by the building management, including possible noise restrictions, pet policies and balcony restrictions. Some may find these limitations to be inconvenient or restrictive depending on your lifestyle.

Living in a house


● Space

Houses generally offer more living space and the possibility of having a yard or garden, making them an ideal choice for families or those who need more space inside and out.

● Privacy

Living in a house provides greater privacy compared to living in a flat, as there are no or fewer shared walls (taking into consideration floors and ceilings) and therefore neighbours are not as close.

● Equity

Houses tend to appreciate over time due to larger square footage, allowing the homeowner to build equity and potentially profit from the investment.


● Maintenance

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the whole property, including repairs, gardening and other upkeep.

● Cost

Houses are generally more expensive than flats and the additional expenses of homeownership, such as property taxes and insurance, can add to the overall expense.

● Isolation

Living in a house may feel more isolated than living in a flat and you may miss out on the sense of community that comes with having access to shared living spaces.

● Accessibility

This of course depends on the location of your house, but if it is located in a more remote or less accessible area, it could make transportation more challenging and impact overall convenience.

Is it better to buy a flat or a house for the first time?

Ultimately, the decision boils down to your finances and lifestyle. For example, if your budget is tight then buying a flat might be the best option given its lower initial costs. Alternatively, if you’re looking for more space and privacy then purchasing a house might be the better choice even though it could be slightly more expensive upfront.

If you're looking to make money from property in the long run, then we suggest exploring our guide on how to make money from property before you decide on what type of property to purchase.

Ultimately, both flats and house have their advantages and the decision on which type of property to purchase should be made based on your circumstances and your lifestyle. If you're looking to sell a property to purchase another and want to know what type of property you can afford for your next purchase, then book a free valuation with us today and get the process started.