Forest Hill Society Still Working Hard

11th June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

Local community groups who regularly meet in person have been hit hard by the lockdown, just like any household or business. However, these community groups are often overlooked when reviewing the impact of COVID-19, even though the work they do is paramount to making the most of local life.

Therefore, it is pleasing to see by their social media pages that the Forest Hill Society is still working hard. The group has had to adapt what they do in modern times, but it appears as though there is still a great deal of support and assistance on offer for the local area.

The Forest Hill Society was established in May 2006:

·         to stimulate public interest and to promote civic pride in and around Forest Hill

·         to promote high standards of planning, architecture, sustainability and services

·         to secure the conservation and enhancement of amenities and features of public interest, and

·         has a policy of inclusion and equality of opportunity within the Society

There have been many great changes in the local area in this time, and the Forest Hill Society has supported the local community in a wide range of ways.

Public Transport

The group meets regularly with organisations such as Tfl, Lewisham, LOROL and Southern with the aim of improving station facilities and the services provided by local bus and train companies.

Forest Hill Pools

The society was an integral part of the campaign to ensure high-quality swimming facilities are developed on Dartmouth Road

Town Centre

The group has campaigned for high standards in local shops, and have bene instrumental in planting beds around the local station. Some of the projects the society has been involved in include:

·         PopUp Forest Hill

·         The Forest Hill Food Fair in 2012-2013,

·         the SEE3 Portas Pilot funding and improvements

The group is also well known for arranging social events which brings the community together. If you are keen to learn about local history or you want to make the most of the local scenery, there have been many talks and nature walks on offer.

The future of Forest Hill

Given the impact of COVID-19, no one is too sure what is going to happen as we move forward. There will be many changes, many functional to promote safe living, but there will always be a need to ensure the local area looks fantastic and is pleasant to look at.

The society has many areas to focus on in the future including calling for station upgrades, improvements in the town centre and improving the standard of commercial property space on the High Street.

If you are keen to play your part in the future of Forest Hill, the Society is happy to hear from you.

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