Going Away For Easter –Security Tips Keep Your Home Safe

18th April 2019 posted in Home Lifestyle

With Easter looming, many households are looking forward to a well-deserved break. Getting away from home and the stress of everyday life can be a real treat for many people, but this doesn’t mean you can forget all about your house. You want to protect your home during your absence, and we have some security tips to keep your home safe if you are going away for Easter.

Activate your burglar alarm

If you have a burglar alarm for your house, it is essential that you set it. You should get into the habit of setting your burglar alarm every time you leave the house. However, when you are going away for an extended period, the added protection provided by a security alarm is worth obtaining.

Review your house before you go

While you may be in a rush to head off, and it is likely you will be excited about the prospect of heading off on holiday, don’t rush out without carrying out vital checks. Make sure that all of your doors and windows are securely locked and that there is no way to gain easy access to your house.

Allocating a few minutes to walk around the inside and outside of your home ensuring that you haven’t left it exposed will offer you confidence and peace of mind.

Try to make your home look occupied

If your home looks empty, opportunistic thieves will sense an opportunity. Therefore, you want to make it seem as though someone is inside your home. Timer switches or dimmer switches for your lights will ensure that there is a presence of someone at home.

Modern electronic devices have timer systems that allow them to be turned on and off at certain times, so you may wish to turn on digital radio or TV from time to time, creating the impression someone is at home.

Can a friend or neighbour pop in?

If you know someone who can pop into your house when you are away, this will increase the security of your property. If you have to care for plants or pets, you may be arranging this anyway. However, if someone is in your house and creates a visible presence, it will minimise the likelihood of your home attracting opportunistic thieves.

Light up the outside of your property

There are many reasons to install lights around the outside of your home, with security being an important reason. When you create more light on the outside of your house, you minimise the opportunity for burglars to make their way around the premises.

Don’t share too much information on social media

It is understandable people want to discuss their holiday and share images on social media, but this may alert thieves to the fact you are away from home. Check your privacy settings on social media and try to keep the holiday images to a minimum.

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