Help Lewisham Hospital Group Doing Good Work

15th April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

While the vast majority of people in the country were already well aware of the great work done by the NHS in caring for us, recent weeks have been a stark reminder of how vital the National Health Service is. Every week, households have emptied, or at least gone to their doors and open windows, and applauded to show support to frontline medical staff.

Of course, while this applause is an excellent way of showing our gratitude, and the response has touched many healthcare professionals, there is a need to do more. Ideally, there would be more PPE for the workers, but there is also a lot that the general public can do to support the NHS.

Staying at home and alleviating some of the burdens on the NHS is likely to be the most important thing people can do. However, you will also find many local communities are banding together to make life a little easier for healthcare professionals.

Shopping is a challenging activity right now

Many of us will have found it a bit harder to shop of late. Online grocery deliveries cannot cope with demand, and for some people, shopping in a store takes too long or is too risky. You can see why many NHS staff don’t fancy the idea of waiting in queues and drudging around shops before or after a shift.

This is why the work carried out by the Help Lewisham Hospital Group is of note. By supporting this group, you can directly support NHS staff, providing them with groceries and other essential items, minimising the time and effort they need to put into shopping.

Local support for the NHS is available in Lewisham

Anyone looking to make a direct donation can do so at The Point, which is located at 401 Lewisham High Street. It is possible to drop in between 7 am and 11 pm, but of course, people are advised that they should only leave the house on an essential journey. If you pass the shop on your way to something important, feel free to drop items off.

If you cannot leave the house, or you don’t want to make the journey, there are still ways to help. It is crucial people don’t feel pressurised into supporting other groups if they are unable. This is a challenging time, and a lot of people have concerns about caring for themselves and their loved ones before they support others. As in most situations, put yourself first, and if you are then in a position to help others, considering doing so.

Anyone who is in a position to assist the group support healthcare workers, the following options are available:

·         Order directly from an Amazon wish list

·         Make an order from local businesses which provide delivery services, including fruit and veg boxes from Spiers Salads or Philip & Kitt, and groceries from Knock-Knock Groceries

With many NHS professionals working over 80 hours a week, supporting them in this manner helps them utilise their time and energy most effectively.

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