Help Lewisham Hospital Group Serve Up More Support

7th May 2020 posted in Property News

While applauding in support of care workers and healthcare professionals on a Thursday evening is an essential part of the lockdown for many, a lot of people want to do more. The NHS is not a charity, and it should never be treated like one, but it is possible for people to show their support tangibly.

Across the country, people, businesses and groups are going out of their way to ensure NHS workers feel appreciated during this trying time. Some firms are offering free items or significant discounts. Many individuals are baking, making or fund-raising in support of professionals. You also have a lot of groups working hard to make healthcare professionals manage their life better, and here in the South East of London, there is a lot of fantastic work being undertaken.

The Help Lewisham Hospital Group has undertaken a considerable amount of work to support the people who are helping so many. The group is directly supporting care workers, but they are indirectly supporting them too. The group is liaising with local schools, ensuring vulnerable people and families are adequately cared for and fed.

There are many ways to support the local community

It is understandable there is so much focus on dealing with COVID-19. This means “normal” life has been paused, but this places some people, children and families at greater risk. If these people aren’t supported, it will place the NHS under more significant pressure in a different matter, and this will cause problems shortly.

This is it is why it fantastic to hear the Help Lewisham Hospital Group has been supported by the Innocent drinks UK company. The firm has committed to supplying more than 8,000 smoothies to the group every single week. Batches of smoothies are being sent to local schools such as Torridon, Sandhurst, Greenvale and Rushey Green.

Those who need extra help will receive it across South East London

Smoothies are being directed towards the NHS, towards a vulnerable FoodBox project and to those in the local community who need it. Many pupils of local schools are eligible for free school meals, and with schools not being open, many local children faced an uncertain future. Thankfully, there is help for these households, and this looks set to continue for as long as is necessary.

In addition to accepting support from significant firms like Innocent, Help Lewisham Hospital welcomes any support from people in the local area. Not everyone is in a position to help. The main priority for people is to look after themselves and their loved ones. However, anyone who is fortunate enough to be able to do this, and feels they can offer additional support for those less fortunate, there are plenty of ways to do so.

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