Hornchurch Residents: 6 Remote Working Tips

3rd April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle Sellers Buyers Landlords Tenants

You may well be working from home now, and if remote working is new to you, likely, you are still adjusting to the process. There has been a rise in remote working in the UK in recent years, but recent events have caused a notable spike in numbers. If you are a Hornchurch resident looking to work more productively and effectively from home, we have six remote working tips for you.

Communicate clearly with colleagues and clients

In the office, face to face communication is standard, and a lot of problems are resolved directly, and quickly. When you are working remotely, this can be more challenging. If you are communicating via email or messages, you need to be extremely clear in your instructions or requests.

If you are using video technology to chat live, make sure your connection is in good order, and that you can hear and be heard clearly.

Test your equipment and make sure it is capable

You might think your broadband connection is more than capable of streaming films and TV shows but is it up to the mask of live video conferencing? Before you commit to live chat, test the equipment, and make sure you are in a position to communicate clearly. It is far better to test this yourself, rather than running the risk of being embarrassed in front of colleagues and clients.

If you need help, ask for it

Working from home is a daunting challenge for many people. This is a difficult time, and many people feel under pressure. You will likely feel stressed to work effectively, so if you need any assistance, be sure to ask for help and guidance

If you are unsure of who you can ask for advice in setting up and connecting with your team, make this a priority.

Set up a suitable workspace

You may like the idea of sitting at home on the couch as you work or even wearing your pyjamas all day as you work in bed, but this isn’t the reality of remote working. It will be far better for you to have a separate workspace, where you can divide home and work. When you are in the work area, your mind will focus on work, and when you are away from this work area, you can forget all about work.

The workspace you need will depend on the work you do, but if you can, try to replicate your standard working conditions as best as you can.

Develop a routine and stick to it

While there is more flexibility working from you, you need to develop a routine that allows for some consistency at home. Try to go to bed and rise at the same time. If you have set work-hours, try to replicate these at home. Anything you can do to normalise the working process will help you be more productive.

Take proper breaks

Working from home will feel different, but you should follow standard procedures. Therefore, you need to take appropriate breaks. If you have colleagues working at their home, why not schedule a coffee break with them, and catch up on how they are getting on.

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