House Cleaning Tips: Motivating yourself to do Housework

20th March 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

Housework and chores are probably the world’s most procrastinated task. Let’s face it, for most of us, they’re boring, and it’s time we’d rather spend doing something a lot more fun or productive. Of course, the cleanest way out of a sticky situation is to pay someone else to do it, but if we have to do our own housework, here are some easy motivational tips that don’t require too much thought or planning. Rather, they’ll get you cleaning quicker, allowing you to get on with the more important stuff, like drinking wine.



Pump up the volume

We love to listen to 80's music – when I can’t be bothered I just stick on a Spotify playlist and within seconds I’m scrubbing away. Any kind of high-energy, high-volume choice will of course do the job, and it might even motivate those around you to help out a bit.


It’s exercise!

Housework, however you do it, is great exercise. Just think of all those calories you’re burning as you clean.  It’s cheaper than any exercise class out there, and you get a spotless home into the bargain.



Get your envy on

This won’t work for everyone, and I suppose it depends on how apt you are to compare yourself with others. Personally, I find that visiting a friend’s showhome-like pad is the perfect kick in the backside to do some deep cleaning when I get back to mine.

Friends with benefits

Set a deadline! And by this, I don’t mean setting your own deadline (let’s face it, that’s unlikely to work), but rather, invite some friends to pop over later in the day. This makes you look at your home in the way that a guest might do, and gives you a time limit to get the place looking spotless – very motivating.


Much better than rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic

I might be a bit strange on this one, but I really like rearranging rooms, and the new sense of perspective it creates. I find it’s then really motivating to clean and tidythe new space. It’s also a great way to maintain deep cleaning, as it forces you to hoover up those patches of dust that appear under sofas and the like.

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